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How to use
Please refer to our NexusNewsfeed User Features page for instructions on how to use the NexusNewsfeed website to its full potential.

Browser Issues
If you are having trouble viewing/using our website, please ensure your browser is up to date. Clear your cache/history and ensure that you are not using Internet Explorer. If you are using a device, please be aware that encryption can greatly affect the performance of your Android device.

Technical Help
If you are having persistent technical problems with your web browser or device, please contact us via our technical support form.

No Articles Visible
If you find you are on the homepage and you can't see any content but you are logged in, please go to the preferences page to choose some Categories.  If you are not logged in, please log in.

To change your preferences, please visit the preferences page.

You can temporarily filter your feed by clicking the text on any Categories, Sub-Categories or Topics you wish to filter, which are displayed on the right sidebar of the homepage, then simply click the "Reset Filter" link on the sidebar if you want to return to the full view of Categories etc you have chosen at the preferences page.

New Topics
We will be adding new Topics periodically.

If you can see a plus sign on a Sub-Category but can't open it on your filter and would like to see what's inside, go to the preferences page and add it to your feed or simply click on the "Select All" button to update to all content if you are a registered user. offers 12 categories, 72 subcategories and hundreds of topics for our users to browse and read..

In order to download the Android and iOS apps, you need to first select your preferences at this site.  To download the Android Google play app, click here.  To download the iOS app for Apple devices, click here.

If you are experiencing any viewing, scrolling or retrieving issues, the first thing we suggest is to logout of the app and log back in. If this does not remedy the issue please use the technical support form and we will help you as soon as possible.

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