Frequency changes everything: let’s switch timelines

You may think we are doomed to the looming climate change catastrophe, which would be dire indeed, but while the timeline in play at this moment definitely seems to be leading in the direction of a perilously devastated world—we, collectively, have the power to shift timelines, avert catastrophe, and create a happy ending. Not only in terms of our precious biosphere—but equally as important, in terms of the ‘sociosphere,’ which term I am using to indicate the condition of humanity and its societies.

Despite Greta Thunberg and her heroic efforts in challenging world governments and activating her generation, we know that governments and legislation cannot be relied upon to make the changes necessary in a timely manner.

We have to act now, and we have to power to do so.

When I say ”Ignore the Drama—Vibrate Higher” I am suggesting, requesting, encouraging, and beseeching you to understand that you have the ability—and the responsibility—to “change yourself and change the world.”

How? Well may you ask.

Everything is energy, energy vibrates at different frequencies, and depending on the frequency in play we have Love, Joy, and Harmony—or fear, aggression, chaos and devastation.

Right now, on the surface, the collective frequency is exhibiting the effects of the latter—but what most cannot perceive is the groundswell of the former, precipitated by individuals worldwide who have lifted themselves out of the 3D static and have ascended energetically to a Higher Consciousness and Higher Reality.

The fact is, humans around the world are waking up, recognizing themselves as Light Beings in a human body, and cultivating a higher frequency in their personal energy fields, which in turn is contributing more Light to the Quantum Field and resulting in movement toward a kinder, gentler humanity.

[In case you don’t know: the Quantum Field—finally discovered and confirmed by science—is the energetic field in which we play and contains everything and everyone. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all contribute to it and are all affected by it. As conscious beings, we also have our own electro-magnetic field, and a personal frequency signature. We operate as transmitting/receiving stations: picking up signals from hither and yon, and constantly broadcasting signals based on the state of our energy field in any given moment: either emotional/mental static, or the harmony/serenity inherent in functioning as Consciousness itself.]

You have the choice—and responsibility—right now: exactly how you’d like to position yourself in terms of the quality of your contribution. Because it’s already happening either consciously or unconsciously, and simply calling yourself spiritual doesn’t cut it if you haven’t activated and embodied the Love you are, and developed sufficient self-mastery to affect the frequency you hold and emanate.

If you haven’t mastered your reactions to the thoughts that arise, if you haven’t mastered your speaking (in terms of intention, integrity and follow-through), if you haven’t integrated awareness in your actions, you are something of a pinball: bounced around willy-nilly, at-effect-of random societal or internal input, and subject to all the emotional and psychological static inherent in the 3rd dimension: Life on Earth as a mostly reactive human.

However, once you choose to activate and enhance the Love- frequency in your energy field, and cultivate the awareness necessary to become a master of thought, word and deed, you lift yourself out of that 3rd dimensional chaos and into a realm where Harmony reigns.

You have upgraded the frequency in your energy field, you are in closer alignment with the Light Being you are, and life becomes increasingly effortless as your trajectory continues on an upward path.

You are not only in sync with the Legions of Light that are doing everything in their power to uplift and inspire humanity in its transition, you are a making a definitive contribution in the focused endeavor to “transform the fabric of reality for the well- being of all.”

And that, my dears, is what we came here to do.

The above is an extract from Sahara’s new book, The Evolution Revolution.


By Sahara Devi / writer

Sahara Devi is the author of The Evolution Revolution: A Handbook for Personal & Global Transformation, (available as a Barnes & Noble Nook e-Book as well as other e-Book formats here on Smashwords) and The Evolution Revolution Rap, which you can find on Sahara’s YouTube channel. You can also find The Evolution Revolution on Facebook.

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