Watch: security camera catches 'possessed' doll moving?

A creepy piece of footage from the security system of a paranormal museum in England appears to show a purportedly possessed clown doll move on its own. The bizarre moment occurred during an investigation at the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre, where the creepy harlequin figurine resides among a myriad of other allegedly haunted objects. This specific piece, dubbed 'Bob,' is said to have once belonged to a young boy who passed away, but somehow still watches over the toy in spirit form.

According to the paranormal researchers participating in the investigation at the time, one of the people on the team decided to pick up the doll in order to possibly generate a response from the 'ghost boy.' If the video from the outing is to be believed, the gambit may have been a success as the doll seems to move when one of the researchers turns their back to it. According to the individual in the footage, Jason Wall, the motion was actually the second time the doll had moved with the first being obscured by his head in the video.

"It was a defined movement and it stopped me in my tracks," the ghost hunter marveled to a British newspaper, "but when I looked it was as if it had been caught moving." Wall went on to say that he's generally skeptical about paranormal happenings and so he felt "vindicated" that there was security camera footage to somewhat confirm what he had witnessed. One only wishes that he had been in a different position in front of the camera when the doll had moved the first time.

Some may speculate that the doll had simply become jostled by Wall's movements nearby, but the paranormal investigator insists that is unlikely to be the case. "It would have fallen over as it was not on a stand, it was just standing on its own two feet," he explained. With that possibility apparently untenable, more ardent skeptics will likely say that the footage is a clever hoax aimed at generating a buzz for the paranormal museum. What's your take on the weird video? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


By George Noory / Coast to Coast AM Host

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