Top scientists reveal UFO's, out of body experience, orbs and telepathy is all one phenomena

Rey’s lecture will present two topics. First, he will present our research data from his English language survey which contradicts much of what is circulating in the field of Ufology. Secondly, the many academics and lay investigators of the FREE organization hypothesize that all types of Contact with NHI via what is called the “Contact Modalities” (contact via UAP Contact, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Remote Viewing, Channeling, communications with ghosts/spirits, Telepathic Contact, sightings of Orbs, PSI, and other types of “Paranormal” Contact with NHI) is actually ONE PHENOMENON and should not be studied separately. Rey will grant insight into how these and other experiences can shape the paradigm through which we see the world and our universe.



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