'There was a smaller one that came out of the big one' - Two UFOs photographed over Dallas

When: November 11th, 2020 at 6:07 PM Where: Dallas What: Saucer-shaped object seen in sky, with another UFO coming out of it.

A really intriguing report of two UFOs flying over Dallas has been submitted to MUFON (case 112221). According to the witness, they first saw a saucer-shaped object seemingly emit a smaller UFO. Fortunately, they were able to photograph the event. The only thing that is a little off about this report is the time, as sunset in Texas right now occurs before 6 PM (and these photos look to be taken during the daytime), but it's possible the time was a typo. As always, you be the judge of this report and whether or not it documents a UFO:

2 objects observed acting oddly, one Saturn like in Shapiros and one smaller fuzzy round

I [removed name/cms/fgc] observed two objects high in the sky. one looked saucer like, it was round and had ring around. there was a smaller one that came out of the big one and hovered around. They both made circles and then speed off real fast and disappeared. I took photos cause it was strange.


By Jane Kyle / UFO Researcher

Jane Kyle is the UFO researcher and writer behind TexasUFOs, having documented over 1,000 local and worldwide UFO sightings since beginning the site in 2012. With a journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin, a 10-year career in freelance writing (film, travel, and fashion among other topics) and online marketing, and an addiction to exploring the unknown, she offers up a unique perspective on the subject matter. Jane lives with her husband, son, three dogs, and cat(!) in her home state of Texas, and is definitely not an alien hybrid.

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(Source: texasufosightings.com; November 21, 2020; https://tinyurl.com/yy5sx5op)
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