Massive Bigfoot recently reported in Bald Eagle State Park, Pennsylvania

A Centre County, Pennsylvania man witnessed a huge Bigfoot walking through the nearby hemlock forest. This incident occurred in the Bald Eagle State Park in early October 2020.

I recently received the following witness report:

I received a telephone call from 'RA' who states that he had a Bigfoot sighting near his cabin in Centre County, Pennsylvania during the 1st week of October 2020.

RA was staying in a cabin near the campground area at Bald Eagle State Park. Around 6:30 PM he walked outside to relieve himself when he noticed movement in the hemlock trees. There was still enough light for him to observe whatever this was. At approximately 50 yards he watched a huge dark haired hominid walking towards Pine Creek. RA stated that he literally heard each footfall as the massive creature moved through the forest. He continued to watch as the Bigfoot stepped over the small creek and continued trekking away from him. RA states that he watched the Bigfoot for about 20 seconds.

RA describes the Bigfoot as at least 8 foot in height with massive wide shoulders. It was covered in dark brown hair. The face was hard to make out, but he compared it as more human than ape with a conical head and prominent brow ridge. It never altered it's pace.

That evening, RA said that he heard a series of wood knocks and 'whoops' in and around 1:00 AM that were emanating from all directions. This is the first time he has ever heard anything similar to this in all the years he has come to the cabin.

The area has a lot of wildlife, including large black bears. RA states that this was not a black bear, which he is very familiar with seeing in the area. Lon

NOTE: Centre County has several state parks and forests, as well as state game lands, within its boundaries and in the surrounding counties. We have received several upright canine sighting and encounter reports from various areas in the general area over the years. The Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team will follow-up on the report. Lon


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(Source:; October 21, 2020;
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