Mary Rodwell - What they're NOT telling you about upcoming UFO 'Disclosure'

ET contact researcher Mary Rodwell joins Higher Journeys once again to dig deep into what may be behind the forthcoming (June 2021) UAP Task Force report.

What role does “ET” actually have in this shift in focus on all things UFO?

What do the government and various intelligence agencies ACTUALLY know about, not only the mystery of UFOs but who’s engineering them and why they’re here?

Are they hiding secrets BEHIND a so-called disclosure or psychologically preparing the public for a REAL bombshell, the likes of which NONE of us expected?

Mary Rodwell, a researcher who continues to dig deep on all of these questions and has a VERY firm conviction about what’s really going on, shares with our audience plenty of what you WON’T hear on MSM! MUST WATCH!

#UFO #UAP #Disclosure

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