Latest UFO sighting reported over Galway, New York

Last night 10/28/2020 as I walked outside at 19:15 I noticed a series of UFO lights across the street from house, low in sky and hovering.

It went from 3 UFO lights to about 10 sometimes and was not moving I estimate about a thousand feet up. I started filming it with my phone and then took a bunch of still pictures. It stayed right there for over an hour then the UFO Sighting started slowly floating away towards southeast at 20:00 hours it was still visible but clouds moved in and I couldn't really see it anymore.

I got a 7:00 minute video that's cool and these pictures speak for them selves. I am 67 years old and this was the most exciting I have ever seen I can't explain it but please look at my pics and let me know what you think.

I did call the sheriff department in the county the UFO Sighting was moving in to and told them to keep an eye out for it. Then a cigar shaped UFO Sighting flew by up real high towards this one turned sharp and was gone. Then right over my house 2 more sets of these lights flew in stopped and just set there up really high while another smaller object shaped like a cigar flew through at high rate of speed. It was incredible.

mufon cms# 112022 Galway New York U.S. 10/28/20 This Region has had 3,992 Reported UFO Sightings to date.



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