Humanoids 2: Recent additions to the Rosales database

Thanks to Albert S. Rosales for providing the newest humanoid updates from his ever-expanding database:

Location: San Gabriel de Varadero, Loreto, Peru

Date: May 16 2016

Time: 20:00

Several local witnesses reported seen unknown objects flying low above the rooftops of homes. One of the objects was described as disc-shaped with lights resembling that of a “traffic light”. Another one of the objects briefly landed leaving behind holes on the ground forming a triangle. During the encounters some of the residents called their local radio station and police department. 

One of the witnesses, Mrs. Agripina Wanse was getting ready to sleep when she heard a loud sound like something descending towards the ground, within that sound there was another sound that resembled that of a “blender”. The room where Wanse and her family slept was illuminated by a bright light resembling a spotlight. Terrified, the whole family began to scream. They also described the lights on the object as like those of a “traffic light”. Moments later one of her neighbors, Mr. Herber Canchari approached the area and saw an object on the ground shaped like “a comet”, when it took off again it illuminated the area with green and red lights. Canchari armed himself with a rifle and shot at the object without any apparent effect as the object seem to appear at another location in an instant. The next day a Mrs. Donilda Lomas, saw a luminous object which emitted a loud sound descend to street level. From the object descended a luminous humanoid about 70cm in height who floated around just above the street.



Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date: summer 2016

Time: early morning

The main witness and her boyfriend had gone to a mall before work – in the very early morning hours when they had just opened and as they walked into a store, they both noticed, at the very same time, a very odd-looking man sitting on one of the benches, reading a newspaper. He had one leg crossed over the other at a right angle with his arms outstretched, holing this newspaper and a small smug smile on his face, but there was something very, very wrong about him. He had a baseball cap on over hair that looked like a wig and mirrored sunglasses, but even so, they could both tell that his facial features were not normal, in that beyond the thin, smug smile, that never moved, never changed, there were no other discernible features – no freckles, no wrinkles, no pores, nothing. His entire posture was all wrong and unnatural and he did not move even in the slightest as they walked by.

He was also oddly dressed – it was an incredibly hot summer day, and he was dressed in long heavy pants and a flannel long sleeve, buttoned right to the top. Her boyfriend and the witness actually turned to one another at the same time as they passed this man and entered the store and simultaneously commented on the oddness of the fellow. They agreed that the person looked like a “mannequin” (well was it?). They then both turned around to look at him again together and he was completely gone. They exited the store immediately and looked all around, but the “mannequin” man was nowhere in sight. For the rest of the day, they laughed about how Mannequin man’s experimental day out “blending in” with us humans had not gotten off to a good start and it would be back to the drawing board for the aliens or what have you. The entire duration of the encounter, it was as if everything in her body, mind and soul was screaming at her that something was very much not right and that this was something unique. Pure primal instinct.

Source: Anne Charbonneau in Beyond Creepy YT Channel


Location: Edson, Alberta, Canada

Date: June 20 2016

Time: 3:36 a.m.

The witness was lying in bed and could not fall asleep. The lights in the room were off, but the TV was on a music channel playing. There was static on the TV and a hum and whooshing sound. Then that is when he saw a brief flash of light through the window. He sat up and looked out the window and noticed a search beam of light coming from above the tree line. Something was there, hovering. He first noticed the beam of light that searched the ground, followed by some other lights that pulsated around what looked like a disk-shaped craft. There were orbs circling around it that were white in color. The craft looked like it was silvery and flowing like water but kept its disk shape. On top it had a dome with some darkened windows. He could see movement inside the windows. He was instantly frightened. He jumped out of bed and went to his roommates’ room and quickly awoken him. He came out and looked out the windows. The light beam that had been searching the ground suddenly bathed both of them through the window. They ran into the kitchen, terrified and unsure what to do. The main witness claims he cannot remember much else after that.



Location: Kirkby, Knowsley, Merseyside, England

Date: July 2016

Time: 19:00

A local man, Steven, took his dog out in broad daylight for its daily five-mile walk. He usually took the dog out at 10m but was late on this occasion because he had to look after a sick relative. Steve walked from his home in Simonswood with his pet and went to Stopgate Lane and onto Sineacre Lane, and he had just passed a secluded semi on this rustic route when his dog began to act strange. It made yelping sounds and kept looking at the low hedge which forms a border between the road and a vast expanse of farmland. He asked his dog what was wrong and bent down to give him a reassuring pat on the head, when he heard a rhythmical thumping sound like distant industrial machinery. Steve straightened up, and there, coming across the field towards him was the metallic nightmare of a figure – a robot of some sort, and Steve estimates that its height must have been about seven to eight feet at least. It had a bucket-shaped head and a greyish body that resembled a suit of armour with circular joints at the shoulders, elbows, and knees. The dog was so scared it bolted off back down the lane – and its leash slipped out of Steve’s hand. Steve, by his own admission, is overweight, and as he ran off, he soon found himself out of breath and was even unable to shout after the frightened dog as it fled down the road.

Steve looked back and saw the gigantic robot standing there, with one foot over the hedge and the other in the field, and it was watching him as he now trotted away. Steve then noticed that about a quarter of a mile away in the field the thing was standing in, there was a craft which resembled two deep bowls with their open rims stuck together. It must have been about a hundred feet across, and Steve thinks he saw two tiny figures standing next to the unearthly craft. He kept looking back at the robot and the unidentified structure on the farmland until he found his dog cowering under a hedge at the junction of Stopgate Lane and Sidling Lane. He then looked back and saw that the craft – perhaps a landed UFO – and the gigantic robot – had gone.

Source: Tom Slemen, “Haunted Liverpool 28 (pp. 195-196) Kindle Edition


Location: near Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Date: July 2 2016

Time: night

A third party told a local former police officer of a strange incident at a local farm. A civil officer met with the family involved to see what happened. Early that morning they heard sounds and saw lights coming from the corral area. Two farm hands armed with rifles ran to investigate the commotion and saw movement in the corral and the access road about 200m away. They fired their rifles several times. And saw strange non-human entities scurrying away. The lights went out and then a bright object rose up into the air and left. When they approached the corral, they found mutilated sheep, and when it was daytime, they found strange footsteps and marks on the ground in a nearby corral.

Going back to the corral the farm owner and workers found a group of people working around the corral which they had taped off with warning signs. The strangers warned the owner not to approach as they supposedly had detected a disease of the sheep called “blue tongue” that it was unclear if humans could get infected. The owner could see that some of the animals were missing eyes and genitals.

On July 7, several strange white vehicles were seeing entering a ranch near the town of Comandante Luis Piedra Buena about 200km further north. No police report was made.



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