'Dragons' observed flying over central Florida

A Florida witness observes a large group of flying 'dragons' that is eventually gathered aboard a craft / UFO

"I saw something...amazing flying beings. It happened about six years ago when I was staying with some friends in a small town, about 30 miles north of Orlando, Florida. It was in July and every night I'd go outside to check out the night sky. It was about 9 pm and I had gone out to do my nightly thing, but when I looked up at the moon, which was almost directly overhead, I actually looked away to rub my eyes because I couldn't believe what I saw! But when I looked back, it was still there and no illusion. There, flying around the moon, in a clockwise direction, from my point of view, were these enormous beings, which looked like flying dragons! By the very slow swoop of their bat-like wings, I could tell they were truly huge. There were dozens on them, but when I looked up higher, there were tiers and tiers of them, all circling in the same direction, and there must have been over a hundred of them! They were all black, being silhouetted by the moon above them, so I could see no colors or details. They were Reptilians. I estimate the lowest ones were about 500 feet up, but it's hard to know for sure.

It was a really frightening sight and I wondered if they could see me standing down there on the dark driveway. Not a very comforting thought! I wanted to run to get my friends, to witness what I was seeing, but was afraid of what I might miss. Just then, I noticed an enormous craft, slowly approaching from the right of where the beings flew. It was around a dozen times the width of the moon and blacker than black, and the classic saucer shape, but there was no dome, or any lights or windows. But I noticed something I'd never heard mentioned before, and that was there was this eerie, black, wispy, curling mist, all along the edge of the ship, which I thought it must be some type of cloaking device. The ship was totally silent as it slowly approached where the creatures flew, never speeding up, or slowing down, or stopping.

Finally it engulfed the entire area where the dragons flew, and when it inched away, the night sky was again empty, save for the cold stars and the gibbous moon. I directly went inside and told my friends what I'd just seen. Being the skeptics they are, they said I'd probably only seen bats or birds, but I know what I witnessed and it was something I'd never before seen, and hope to never see again.

I do have an idea of what had happened, only a guess. You know how when people are out boating, they will sometimes jump into the water for a refreshing swim? Well, maybe those Reptilians left their craft to stretch those terrible wings, and were just circling there, waiting for their ship to catch up with them, to get back on board. That's only a guess, and who knows what evil mischief they had really been up to?

For days and days after that experience I worried they might return to do some harm to me for spying on them, but thankfully, if they saw me, I wasn't considered a threat. This is a true experience, and one that is enough to last a lifetime!" KL

NOTE: This is not the only time I have heard or read of 'dragons' flying in large groups and eventually gathered by a craft. Bizarre. Lon


By Lon Strickler / Author Fortean Researcher

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(Source: phantomsandmonsters.com; April 22, 2020; http://tinyurl.com/y2hkjzq3)
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