Dr Steven Greer - suppressed technology that you simply could not image!

Follow the link https://bit.ly/DrStevenGreer_DISCLOSU...‚Äč to watch a complete Gaia Original exclusive interviews with Dr. Steven Greer. Learn about the fabled deep state, as unacknowledged special access projects which are buried deep within an architecture of secrecy.

Clandestine programs are making technological advancements that could be the salvation of humanity or plunge us into decades of war. Dr. Steven Greer discusses consciousness-assisted and zero-point technologies which have prominent use within various secret space programs. He cautions us, that this tech placed in the wrong hands, could lead to many negative consequences for the public. Awareness of this tech and how it can be used against us can dispel the false narratives, which are being fed to the media, and continue to hold power over us



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(Source: youtube.com; February 5, 2021; tinyurl.com/2knbgbb2 )
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