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Congress just authorized a UFO report

It’s time to prepare for what might be some startling news.

Thanks to a provision in the coronavirus relief and government funding bill signed into law in late December, we may come closer to knowing the truth about whether we are alone in the cosmos and being visited by our galactic neighbors.

The news has been reported by everyone from CNN to Fox and dozens of other journalistic outlets and commented on widely in the UFO community with articles on The Debrief and even here at Trail of the Saucers.

The bottom line is that a provision in that bill gives US intelligence agencies 180 days to report what they know about UFOs, such as those captured on video by the Navy, to the Senate Intelligence Committee and to the public.

This action comes as momentum is building to bring transparency to a topic that has long been shamed and ridiculed by the popular press. More independent shows like Unidentified on the History Channel and recent documentaries like The Phenomenon and Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind are part of a broader effort to inform the public of what has been afoot, including proof of alien existence that has been shrouded in government secrecy.

Will We Get Answers?

This provision could be a big step forward for getting answers. Is it likely to result in full visibility into everything our government has known and done about UFOs the last several decades? No. But will it serve as a forcing function to share at least a little more than what we know today? It absolutely should. It is now law, which comes with certain accountability.

The act of requesting the report is a form of disclosure itself, presaging what we might expect to discover. Clearly, there is enough evidence, curiosity, and concern among those who have access to more information than the rest of us to justify spending taxpayer dollars on this. According to former government insiders like Luis Elizondo, who led the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, and Christopher Mellon, who served as the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, a serious look at this topic is long overdue.

The fact of its imminent existence does raise questions:

How might we prepare for a report that finds it probable or even certain that we are being visited by alien races?

How might we find the fascination in that instead of the fear?

Don’t Panic

I’d like to suggest that we start by being open-minded and not jumping to conclusions, particularly that an alien presence is a threat.

Alien invasion has been a familiar and somewhat terrifying plotline for Hollywood films but it is made up. When you consider the advanced capabilities that these civilizations would have to have for space travel and dimension-hopping, it seems like there would be nothing stopping them from taking over our planet if they really wanted to. Yet here we are. If a civilization had a goal to colonize us or blow us up, what are they waiting for?

At the same time, believing that extraterrestrials are going to come down and solve all of our human problems is probably a bit naïve. Trust me, I get the allure of a planetary bail out right about now, but we got ourselves into this mess and I’m guessing it is up to us to get ourselves out. It seems only fair. This is not to say that we couldn’t learn a thing or two from our galactic friends, as some believe our distant ancestors did. Clearly, anyone showing up here from outer space knows some things that we don’t.

What Might It Mean?

The possibility of alien life can be a thing of great wonder, awe, and excitement if we let it be. As just one example, when we accept that other races have the means to travel here, we open the door to radical new thinking in science and technology. Their visits necessarily bring evidence of powerful and presumably renewable energies that can cross unfathomable distances. That same technology might be the key to free energy on Earth and newfound prosperity for all. Or, if we aren’t paying attention, it could be the start of a new cold war to weaponize space. Having a global public in the know might help it be the former.

Realizing that we are not alone also has the potential to dramatically expand our sense of who we are and what is possible. It is not a big intellectual leap to assume that whatever created them also created us, bonding us in existence. Suddenly, differences in human cultures and skin tones seem rather insignificant. In the face of an ever expanding cosmos teeming with other planets and forms of life, fights over borders and trade appear quite ridiculous, as do the limits we’ve placed on our human imagination. We can see this as an opportunity to unite under a much broader perspective.

Part of the reason I am interested in this topic is because I am one of the many people worldwide who have seen objects in the sky that are unexplained by known human technologies. Here’s the link to my YouTube page where you’ll find a couple of videos taken by me that I’ll be writing about in more depth in a future post. Like so many others around the globe, I’ve seen something strange in the skies.

Certainly, it is one thing to acknowledge that alien ships are cruising our atmosphere, thousands of miles above our heads. It is another to consider the prospect of one touching down in your backyard. It is normal for that thought to inspire genuine fear.

But what if we let this report be a first step in acclimating ourselves to the idea that our universe is more alive and amazing than we might have previously thought?

What if we see this report as an emerging and evolving framework to pursue greater truths that have the potential to benefit us all?

There will be those who think the report falls short and those who think it goes too far. Some will be afraid, others will be vindicated. The beauty is that we might finally all have the same fully-vetted documentation on which to have discussions, ask (many) more questions, and be thoughtful about what we want to do with this information. That is perhaps the best thing about this provision — it gives us the opportunity to talk about the possibility of alien contact in a more open and inquisitive way.

Although it could come earlier, the actual final date that the report is due is June 25, 2021.

Mark Your Calendars.


By Carolyn Brouillard / Medium Contributor

A passionate explorer of personal growth and believer in the power of words to excite positive change. Follow me on IG: @carolyn_crossroads

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