Chinese Initiative for ET Disclosure

Chinese Initiative for Disclosure is to create a World Coalition on Extraterrestrial Contact (WCETC).

Two weeks ago (Oct 2018) in Moscow a delegation of Chinese and Europeans participated in the launch of the first World Coalition on Extraterrestrial Contact (WCETC). The opportunity arose because of a joint Russian/Chinese space meeting. The President, Yin Fan invited delegates with expertise in this matter from around the world to participate in a significant development that addresses disclosure.

The Chinese government through this WCETC is creating a United Nations style forum. One nation, one vote. Initially to seek recognition by the UN and UNESCO leading to a 30 countries with representatives nominated from each country. The aim is to approach a selected government, i.e. President of that country that agrees to this initiative. They are going to create a structure of an organisation of a 7 executive person council from each member state.

The launch of the initiative is funded by the Chinese government and the HQ will be in the city of Heze where Yin Fan is Mayor. The funding of the initiative was signed at the Moscow launch. The buildings will be comprised of an administration building, a hotel for the delegates from each country and administration staff. This means that a diplomatic status will then be convened to each representative after the above process has been successful. Interestingly enough the spouse of the President of the People's Republic of China, also known as the First Lady of China, is the spouse or wife of the President ... President Xi Jinping. The Presidential spouse: Peng Liyuan is very interested in the UFO phenomenon. She lives in the city of Heze where the HQ buildings for the WCETC will be built.

The significance of this project means resurrecting the resolution 51 that was developed by Granada in 1978, but had not been ratified by the UN; i.e. it hadn’t reached General Assembly or the Secretary General status at the time to discuss the UFO problem.

What does this all mean. This means that the Chinese have not only taken the initiative for a disclosure, but are funding the whole project that encompasses the whole world. I believe this initiative has been known by the western intelligence community for some time, and that the like of AATIP will be a Cinderella to this programme. It also means that the focus of the USA of a soft disclosure with hidden agendas will be coming to an end. The sheer openness of this task encompassing the world will likely disrupt the ongoing suppression and debunking for all time.


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