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Bigfoot hit by truck

I got the following report submitted to me a few days ago. The event described by the witness took place near Newport, Tennessee.

Newport is a city in Cocke County, Tennessee.The town is situated along the Pigeon River in an area where the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains descend into the French Broad drainage basins.

Before the arrival of European settlers in 1783, the area that is now Cocke County was probably inhabited by the Cherokee. The county has a total area of 443 square miles with about 9 miles of that being covered with water.

Here is the witness report

-Start Report-

Name: Nick ***** State: Tennessee County: Cocke Date of Sighting: 2005 Time of Day: 3am Nearest Town: Newport Number of witnesses: 2 Photos/videos: No

Describe in detail:

This happen in 2005 but I remember it like it was yesterday . My friend and I had been at a truck stop eating breakfast and flirting with the waitress. You know growing up in the mountains there is not a lot to do, so this was a normal night, so we thought.

I decided to go the back roads home cause the truck I was in didn't have good tags. The road is gravel and barbwire on either side. It's pasture land and river bottom. Only a couple of houses back then. It was 3 am.

I was sliding around curves in the gravel. I remember I was in 3rd gear going pretty fast. I was sideways in this curve and out my side window I saw what I thought was a man in coveralls maybe. I clipped him - it with the bed of the truck on my side. I slammed on the brakes. The truck stalled out. I was in tears. I said oh f*** I just killed a man. I said jimmy dale I just f***in killed someone. Pardon my language but this is exactly what happen.

I turned around an looked back. I expected to see a body laying in the road. What I saw was a huge, when I say huge I mean 7 to 8ft tall hairy man like thing. It was kind of limping or hopping on one leg holding it's other leg in it's hands. When I mashed the brake and put the truck in reverse it looked toward us. There was dust In the air. It was fall an you know how dry fall can be. So I couldn't see the face.

I said jimmy dale Wtf is that?? He said just f***in go. I said no wait wtf is that? When I started the truck and the backup lights hit it, it roared. I mean you could feel the vibration in the truck cab.

My dumbass was in shock cause I started to back up. Jimmy dale grabbed the shifter and shoved it in first gear and said I SAID GO GD IT! I eased out on the clutch and it walked across the road. I couldn't see it's face but I could tell it was scowling at me. It crossed five strand barbwire like it was nothing.

We drove couple miles to my house. I pulled in the driveway and turned the truck off. We sat there. I finally said wtf just happen. Jimmy dale said well hell I guess u just run over skookem. He said I know one thing I'll never walk back down Cow sh*t again if I get stuck at the playground. That's the name of a 4wheeling spot off the road we hit it on.  The locals call it Cow sh*t cause of the smell. 

We got out an looked at my truck. It hit behind the back tire and hit hard enough that it put a crease in the bed rail. It was a 1989 Mazda extended cab 2wd. I wondered what it was doing over there. Best I can figure it was after the slop or salt blocks. The land is managed by Bush bake beans inc. They slop the cattle with the old kraut and beans, so it was after a free meal. Idk. I know one thing it changed my whole perspective on life. On what is real as far as aliens and bigfoot and paranormal. If you need to you can call me I live in CA.

TM:  What state did this happen in and what color was the creature?

Nick: East TN Newport. He was dark brown. Even covered in hair I could see the build. I had to be in shock. I was in awe of the size . I will never forget the roar. It was very angry. Understandable . It was injured.
I've always wanted to go back and put trail cams up. I grew up there in Newport and the old folks used to tell us boys even in training season to take a rifle with us . They talked of a wildman that lived in the river bottoms. I can only think that was what they were referring to. The movie harry and the Henderson's? That is what he looked like but with darker hair. I couldn't see the face, but there was definitely a crown shaped head. They got it right with that movie for sure.

-End Report-

A big thanks to Nick for sharing his encounter with us. If anyone else in that area around Newport encountered this being, then please let us know.

To give you a better idea of the area, here is a picture with labels.


By Thomas Marcum / Cryptozoology and Paranormal Research Organization

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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