Alien agenda (video)

There are numerous species of extraterrestrials in the universe who interact with human beings, and each species has its own agenda. Some of these advanced beings have created hybrid beings with a mixture of ET and human genetics to live among us on earth as humans and to give helpful service and assist in our spiritual development. Some claim to have Reptilian paternal ancestry, while others' fathers are Mantis beings.

These various Hybrids claimed to be 5th dimensional beings, and spoke about their hybrid children aboard that UFO. They are here to "raise the frequency" of earth, as well as to help the animals. The hybrid phenomenon brings us closer than ever before to understanding the ETs themselves, and offers answers to some of humanity’s biggest questions. “As an investigative journalist studying complex evidence of an ET presence on Earth, it has emerged that hybrids with human and ET DNA are emerging in increasing numbers. But why? Insights to that question from people who identify as hybrids are the core of this important video.

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