18th century dressed 'humans' on tubular UFO

Kacey in Alaska called in to tell of her UFO sighting:

“In the middle of the '90s, I was coming home from a party at 3 o'clock in the morning. I had to pull over and take a rest and, in Alaska, it's just bright sunshine at 3 o'clock in the morning. And I closed my eyes and I heard a noise and I thought it was a bear coming out of the woods. I opened my eyes and it wasn't. It was a spaceship. A long spaceship. And it was no further away from me than 300 feet. It was moving over the road. I jumped out of my car to go closer and there were people looking back at me, human-looking people. It was going slow. They looked at me. I looked at them. And they just watched me and I watched them. They just followed the road grid to the end and at the end of the road, it hung a right and disappeared at the end.

I jumped in my vehicle, drove home, woke my son, told him to draw this, he drew me the picture of what I had seen. I still have it to this day. (Jimmy Church asks about the craft) It was 400 feet long. It was tubular-shaped. Had windows. Everyone was dressed the same. They all had Colonial clothes, Dutch haircuts, looked human, just like us. They all dressed the same. The ends of the ship were flattened. It did not make a noise except for when they crashed out of the woods. (Jimmy asks about the windows) They were sliding glass door sized. (Jimmy asks if anyone else in the town saw the object) Eleven other people. I called the Air Force, called the news. I went on the news. I had to know if anybody had seen it or if I imagined it, hallucinated it. I had to know. Eleven people from my town came forward. I'd never talked to any of them. (Jimmy asks to clarify the date and the location) 1996. Fairbanks, Alaska. (Jimmy asks what month) June. (Jimmy asks where he can find the old interview) KTUU. (Jimmy asks how long the sighting lasted) An hour. (Jimmy asks what the Air Force said) Are you on drugs, mam? Are you drunk? I don't drink. And I wanted to know myself. I mean, did I hallucinate this?”

Source: Fade To Black with Jimmy Church - September 7, 2018


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(Source: phantomsandmonsters.com; September 18, 2018; http://tinyurl.com/ybd43pro)
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