The benefits of a past life regression

There are those who believe that we Incarnate over and over to grow and learn from our many lifetimes on earth. The basic principle is that we choose various challenges to face. These challenges help us to grow spiritually from the experience. There is an opportunity to learn by having the experience of being born rich as well as poor, healthy or unhealthy. For those who believe in reincarnation or others who are just curious, the benefits of a past life regression can be profound.

What is a Past Life Regression

A skilled past life regression hypnotist helps clients to remember and experience past life memories by guiding them into hypnosis. In hypnosis the unconscious mind, the part of the mind where all memories are stored, can be accessed. These memories include experiences from early childhood, memories from the womb prior to birth, past life experiences, and afterlife memories. Clients are awake and aware of their surroundings but are able to experience memories prior to birth.

Experiencing Past Lives

Everyone experiences past life memories a little bit differently. Some clients are more visual while others tend to feel the experience in a profound way. It is not uncommon for a client to start to feel cold and then find themselves in a cold weather scene. Kinesthetic clients can experience the sadness, the excitement, or the fear attached to a memory from the past. In some cases, people felt the pain of an old war wound during a past life therapy session.

Deja Vu

Many of us had the experience of Deja vu. We find ourselves feeling very familiar, or comfortable with a place or city that we have never been to. This familiar feeling can apply to people as well. An instant connection with someone who we feel like we've known our entire lives may be someone we've incarnated with before.

Cast of Characters

Very often a client will recognize a past life family member or friend as someone they know now. Sometimes difficult relationships in our current life stem from a prior life experience where we were wronged by that person. Once we understand the source of the conflict, we can let it go and develop a healthier relationship with that same person.

It can also be very helpful to identify someone who has passed on. It may bring comfort to know that the people we care for, and who are no longer with us, can play a role in our future incarnations.

Feelings We Carry Forward

Whatever memories come forward relate directly to the client’s current life in some way. Phobias and fears can very often stem from prior life experiences. Falling off a cliff in a past life can cause a fear of heights in a current life. A skilled past life practitioner can reframe the event and help the client let go of the fear.

In some instances, the loss of a child or spouse in a past life can lead one to being very protective of that person in the current life. Once we understand where this fear of loss comes from, the need to be overprotective can be released.

Benefits of a Past Life Regression

As someone who has facilitated hundreds of past life regressions, I have witnessed the release of various fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, loneliness, insomnia, and unhealthy relationship patterns. I have also seen clients identify past life skills like artistry, music, and carpentry. These same clients found it easy to pick up those skills in their current lives. While the benefits need not be that dramatic, just the realization, or confirmation on some level, of a life beyond the one lived can be reassuring and comforting.


By Eli Bliliuos

Eli Bliliuos, Founder of the NYC Hypnosis Center is a well-established Hypnosis Specialist and Master Trainer transforming the lives of clients in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Australia. Eli is based in New York and is endorsed by the International Alliance of Certified Hypnotists and Therapists as well as the National Hypnotist Guild and the IACT.

Eli’s expertise ranges from hypnosis to free clients from phobias, achieve their weight loss goals, stop smoking, build self-confidence, healing deep emotional wounds, managing chronic pain and overcoming a variety of other life challenges.  Eli is especially excited about his past life regression sessions that have enabled clients to identify and change life patterns that prevented them from realizing their true potential. Some past life regression clients come to Eli without a specific goal; more so a curiosity and those sessions have been enlightening in having a better understanding of their life’s purpose.

Eli feels very fortunate to practice hypnosis and the transformation he has seen in his clients inspires him to continue along this journey, with a commitment to identifying new and innovative techniques to maximize the benefits for his clients.

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