How the human heart is in sync with this sentient Earth

I am one who has been peripherally aware of the term, sacred geometry, but couldn’t quite figure what to make of it. So what, I thought, if this form fits into that one in a mathematical way. So what? And I was dubious about spiritual meanings, seemingly arbitrarily assigned to geometric forms. I had put the notion of sacred geometry over there, (out there), not really relevant at this moment.

Well, after learning about Frank Chester’s take on a particular geometric form, the heptahedron (a seven-sided form), my attitude isn’t “so what?” anymore. Now, its “so . . . wonderful!”

Frank Chester is an educator and sculptor who took it upon himself to investigate the seven-sided form. His line of inquiry started with pondering this motif, one of seven seals that Rudolf Steiner designed.

Mr. Chester wanted to take this two-dimensional seven-sided image and make it three-dimensional. He thought about what it would be as a platonic form. Not satisfied by the existing models for what a seven- sided form would look like, he tinkered with clay and string and straws and wire and paper and bubbles and whatever models he could make, until he discovered a shape more simple and elegant than any presented before. The implications of his discovery of this heptahedron affect notions in mathematics, geology, architecture, medicine, and more; much more than is touched upon by this article.

This shape has seven sides: each side has exactly the same surface area. There are four equal triangles and three equal four-sided shapes that look like kites. In the picture (below left) of his cardboard model, you see one of the triangles, and two of the kite-shaped sides. Mr. Chester has found that he can draw all the surfaces of this shape, flattened, by using two sizes of circles; the arc tracings on the sides of this model show the remnants of that drawing process. The relationship between the size of the two circles is the Golden Mean, a ratio that artists and scientists have found governs many natural items such as the proportions of a leaf or of the human body.

The next model (above, right) of the heptahedron, which he has named the “chestahedron,” shows edges only. Mr. Chester did all kinds of things with his model to discover wherever it might lead him. He was curious about the sacred geometry relationships; in particular, how platonic forms fit inside each other. He found that the heptahedron fits inside a cube with its axis at 36 degrees.

The angle of 36 degrees was noteworthy to Mr. Chester because he remembered that the human heart sits at that particular angle inside of a person’s chest. Various theories have been presented as to why the heart sits at this angle—but none very satisfactorily. Does it have to do with the earth’s tilt? Since the earth’s tilt is only about 23 degrees, not so likely.

One of the things he did was to dip the edges-only model into soapy liquid and then blow air into it through a straw to make a bubble, a process which rounds all the lines and surfaces, making the shape organic. Frank Chester compared his rounded seven-sided shape with a drawing he found on the web of the left and right ventricles of the heart. The right ventricle fits around the left ventricle.

Mr. Chester had the idea of putting his rounded seven-sided shape on its axis into a vortex generator, a tank of spinning water. If he put the shape in straight down, the original vortex is undisturbed. But when he puts the shape in at the angle of 36 degrees and keeps it spinning with an electric drill, the shape of the first swirl of water is changed. It forms a sort of pocket on the side. Mr. Chester made a model of what he saw in that interaction, cut a cross section of that model, and sure enough, it looks just like a dissection of the human heart.

Inspired by a drawing made by Rudolf Steiner, Frank Chester has followed the path of curiosity and experimentation until it led to a 3-D demonstration of the formative forces at work, creating the asymmetrical shape of flesh that is the human heart. The manifest implication is that the formative forces that actually build the flesh of the heart are engaged as swirl, contained in shape and direction by the geometric form.

The heart is not a pump. Instead, the heart is a streaming device, and in the left ventricle, the spin of fluid is captured and twirled back on itself. In this way, the heart acts as a brake. The prime reason for this braking is balance. The heart is a balancing organ.

The idea that the heart is a pump has dominated medicine for centuries. Yet at the apex of the left ventricle of the heart, the bottom point, the tissue is paper thin, not strong enough to enclose fluid under pressure. With the vortex model for understanding the motion of blood within the heart, one can see how this part of the heart never receives dangerous pressure, which it would, if the heart were indeed a pump. Other researchers have been able to show with cameras that the blood courses through the blood vessels of the human embryo, before the heart is even formed. Something else is moving the blood. This is another reason Frank Chester believes that the heart is not a pump.

He has found that the heart is a streaming organ that is itself formed by a reversing, swirling stream. The blood enters the left ventricle in a clockwise spiral. By the time it moves out of the left ventricle, it is spinning in a counterclockwise motion. It reverses direction inside of the left chamber.

This thought is of interest to me because it is my practice to bring my awareness to the space that is my heart as a meditative practice. When I align my kinesthetic awareness of my own heart-space with these new images of how my physical heart works, I feel something new. Chester says there is a moment at the midpoint of the reversing of flow where the blood actually pauses, no motion. I wonder if that moment is the essential meaning of my meditation. What if my heart is a bell, and the still-point is the ringing of that bell?

If we go back to the edges-only model of the chestahedron and spin it on its axis, the shape that is displayed through that motion is like a bell. Rudolf Steiner reported that the evolving soul, before it becomes living matter as you or as me, is apparent to the inner eye as the shape of a downward opening bell.

The bell shape has been used in ancient Egyptian paintings to represent the human soul, coming down to earth from the heavens to incarnate in flesh. These bell shapes, seeds of spirit, are the geometric templates for growing a human heart. 

You can make your own model of a Chestahedron…

So now you know something about the secret-self of You. In the next part, you will learn something about the secret-Self of the Earth…

Remarkable Seven Sided Form
Part II: the Sentient Earth

What I have to tell you is no small thing. I wish to introduce you to someone – someone who you will really want to know, and know completely. 

Before we start, consider this. In the Tsunami in 2004, animals did not drown. People drowned, but animals had made their way uphill before the waves crashed. They didn’t outrun the waves at the last minute, they were already at safe ground.  How do you think they knew? 

I think mother Nature told them to move, and they heard and took her advice. That’s what I think. That sounds juvenile, doesn’t it, like a fairy-tale of a theory. Well, prepare to reconsider. 

Because right now, I can present to your skeptical mind, proof that the Earth is a sentient Being who is in sync with (us) her children. When we tune in, She can guide us through the otherwise impossible.

I can imagine you are thinking, here we go. Eco-gobbledy goop. So let’s say it this way: I can present evidence that the Earth contains within, an energy field that is exactly the same shape and energetic pattern as our own human core identity. Mature human consciousness includes intuition and compassion, and conscience – all of which resides in the subtle body at the heart.

The human heart we can see is governed by the subtle energies in the shape that is the Chestahedron, the seven-sided form. I can show you that same shape also forms the sacred geometry template for the whole Planet, Earth Herself.

To witness the proof we must keep following the path of the intrepid investigator, Frank Chester, who continues to explore the essence and ramifications of the seven-sided form. Once again a clue came to Mr. Chester from Rudolf Steiner. The drawing below was made by Steiner on a chalkboard during a lecture The Forming of the Earth and the Moon: Causes of Volcanism by Rudolf Steiner (Sept. 18, 1924) about the subtle geometry of the earth, in which he said the earth contains a sort of tetrahedron, and the points of contact (written in yellow, in German) are South Pole, Japan, Mid-America and Caucasus.

Chester wondered if the Chestahedron were the right sort of tetrahedron . . . so he had to find out, testing with a model. Chester found a clear globe showing the continents of the Earth and fashioned a Chestahedron of right scale to put inside. See how it matches up – it just fits. The points of the Chestahedron touch the surface of the Earth in exactly the places Steiner had seen in his clairvoyant vision. Mid-America turns out to be in Kansas.

The plot thickened for Mr. Chester when syncronistically, Scientific American printed this cover story about new ways to investigate the nature of Earth’s core.

Seeing this, Chester made his way to California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA to compare notes with Jeroen Ritsema, part of a team collecting seismic tomography data, reported by this magazine.

This map produced by seismology imaging uses blue colorings to represent cool areas, red the warmest, and yellow in between. Mr. Chester asked Mr. Ritsema “what do these patterns mean?” Mr. Ritsema shrugged, told Chester that “they had no idea of the meanings behind this data.” 

With that, Mr Chester compared his data points and the map produced by Mr. Ritsema. The rounded triangular tracings are added by Frank Chester, superimposed as how the Chestahedron fits in the Earth according to Steiner’s contact points. Consider the many correspondences that are there. 

Next piece of evidence: it turns out that tornado alley, so named because that area suffers the highest incidence of twisters, (map provided by the National Severe Storms Laboratory), is a tracing of the point of contact where two of these global lines meet in Mid-America, forming parts of two edges of the Chestahedron form.

Until now, no one has given any meaningful theory as to why tornados reliably take a turn to the northeast, as it were, at Kansas and Nebraska. Tornados have been seen forming a line. The unseen force that organized this arrangement comes from the edge of the Chestahedron, which formative power in the Earth follows. The organizing power that puts them in a line is not atmospheric in origin (coming from the weather), it is geo-spheric (coming from the earth). 

As described above in Part 1, the subtle template underlying the formation of the heart is a 3D shape that is formed by spinning the angular seven-sided Chestahedron. At the bottom of the Chestahedron is a triangle; when the whole shape is spun, that triangle traces a ring, visible at the opening of the  inverted bell-shape. That same proportional ring is visible as the walls of the left ventricle of the heart, shown in cross section, middle image, below.

It turns out that a matching ring is also visible on the surface of the Earth. The next two photos, above right, show the north pole (in the blue photo, at the axis) with the Northern Lights showing. The two white rings are drawn to show the pattern revealed to scientists, as yet not explained. Photographic evidence from satellites have shown that the Aurora Borealis displays light within the confines of that ring. The Northern Lights show up anywhere within the ring, and do not cross or flash into center circle. The circle immediately surrounding the North Pole stays dark, while the Borealis flare up most boldly all around. 

But look at this picture (below left) of the Aurora Australis, the lights over Antarctica. The light streams across at the South Pole, in the center area too. There is an explanation, using the seven sided form, as to why the Southern Lights show up differently than the Northern.

Frank Chester demonstrates with a set of clear cones in a globe, (image, above right). Two cones are placed inside the globe, where the wide ends of the cones are at the top, concentric circles, describing the same ring that the Aurora Borealis does show us. The cones are created by extending the northern circles down towards to the south at the exact angle proscribed by the spinning chestahedron. The inner cone ends at a point at the South Pole. The outer cone ends at the wider circle the same size as the South Pole light-show ring, as seen in the above photo.At the South Pole, the energies describe a point with one circle around. There is no inner ring created by the formative forces, aligned with the spinning seven-sided shape. There is just open space at the South Pole, apparently where energy can stream with the same fervor and flow across the center. Isn’t this a remarkable explanation for why the Southern and Northern Lights display differently?

This is the Planet I want you to meet.

She has halos.

This is a NASA image spacecraft photo. (Click the image to see this as a motion picture.) The light is from actual satellite photos. These are the polar auroras: Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis. These visible halos and their shapes, together with the seismology maps and the points provided by Steiner, provide undeniable proof that the Chestahedron shape is governing the subtle energies of the Earth planet, just as they do our human hearts.

How odd and completely different to get my head around this. When I put this together with recently reading that the heart is actually as much or more of a consciousness-displaying organ than is the brain, its almost overwhelming to think of what this means about the actual nature of our Planet. 

The article New Spiritual Awareness in Neurosciences states that thoughts or cognition, as brain activity, are revealed by MRI as visible tracings of light. Monitors show that the blood vessels deliver extra blood into that area of the brain right before the neurons fire. The heart-system knows, before the nerve-system thinks. HeartMath Institute research shows that connecting with heart-centered awareness sets up for measurable improvements in intuition and more. I know from my own experience that when I remember to center my attention in my heart area, there is a quantum leap in my ability to transcend differences of opinion with others—far more enjoyably. That is wider intelligence, the making of love.

Perhaps the raw material of consciousness isn’t intellect, it is energy. That particular seven-sided construct of energy … that is the same stuff our entire planet is made of. That energy dynamic is the result of the seven-sided spinning template. We cannot help but be connected in resonance with this identical energy frame. 

How can we, with integrity, deny the possibility, nay, probability that the Planetary energy is a conscious loving Intelligence, which we infinitesimally mimic in our human heart-Identity?

Humanity needs to wake up and reconnect with our Mother. Surely the path there is through awareness at the center of heart. She is as close as our own Heart. 

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By Kathy (Kay) Williams
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