DNA repair: relaxing music with 528Hz frequency for DNA repair, healing frequencies

DNA Repair: Relaxing Music with 528Hz Frequency for DNA Repair, Healing Frequencies. AudioHealerX is a meditation relax music channel with binaural beats – brain waves. We create soothing relaxation sleep music, earth's vibration frequency music, meditative mind healing music sessions, stress relief music and many more. We combine high quality soothing music with binaural beats for the best meditation experience. You will find many brainwave music sessions for stress relief, lucid dreaming, ultimate relaxation for your spiritual journey.

SLEEP MUSIC, DELTA WAVES We use calming delta waves for our meditation relax music. Delta waves will prepare your brain for better sleep experience. Sleep meditation music with binaural beats work as sleep hypnosis session. This music is very easy listening, most of it is 8 hours long and you can listen to it during all your sleeping time. We also invite you to try our Lucid dreaming music for high quality deep sleep experience.

ASTRAL PROJECTION EXPERIENCE, ASTRAL TRAVEL MUSIC, OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE MUSIC We create special brain waves for astral projection experience enhancement. Imagine yourself flying above the sky and get into OBE meditation - out of body experience meditative mind. You can practice astral travel any time, but some say that the best results can be achieved in the morning. Our brainwave music will help you to get into deep hypnotic state for Zen meditation.

STRESS RELIEF MUSIC AudioHealerX is a great resource for stress relief. We combine relaxing ambient music with specific binaural beats to overcome stress and calm down. Soothing relaxation music is a very good resource to decrease the levels of the stress hormone - cortisol. This music will lead you to psychological changes, which lead to anxiety and stress reduction and also directly influence immune enhancement.

DEPRESSION TREATMENT MUSIC We can help you to overcome depression with binaural beats. Here you will find many depression healing music sessions. We recommend you to combine it with our happiness frequency meditation playlist. You can listen to it while in relaxed state of mind or during work.

HAPPINESS FREQUENCY MUSIC, HAPPINESS MEDITATION Brainwave music for happiness helps to release serotonin, dopamine and endorphin. It will help to find positivity in life and lowers your stress level. With balanced serotonin, dopamine and endorphin you will experience higher quality of life.

EARTHS VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY 7.83HZ SCHUMANN RESONANCE In our music we use specific 7,83hz which represents earth vibration frequency. It's also called Schumann resonance. Science has proved that this frequency has healing powers and can be used to balance health and put you into meditative mind trance.

ADD MUSIC, ADHD MUSIC These are specific binaural beats that can help people with ADD or ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder music with binaural beats will help to improve the ability to focus and concentrate your attention.

CHAKRA HEALING MEDITATION MUSIC We have binaural beats meditation music for all chakras healing and balancing. These sessions can be used during meditation or in completely awake state of mind. We offer meditation music for all chakras: The Crown Chakra, The Third Eye (or Brow Chakra), Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra (or Navel Chakra), Base Chakra (or Root Chakra).

PROCRASTINATION MUSIC TO GET THINGS DONE These type of binaural beat waves will help to stop procrastinating and get the work done. You can listen to it before the work or during the working process. It will also improve the quality of your results and will help to concentrate for your daily tasks.

WEIGHT LOSS MUSIC Soothing relaxation binaural beats music for weight loss can help to control your constant need to eat. This music will also increase your metabolism. Please understand that weight loss meditation music can not get you ripped without working on your exercise program or controlling the diet.

DNA REPAIR MUSIC, CELL REGENERATION MUSIC This music uses 528Hz frequency sound in the background that is proven to heal DNA and regenerate cells. According to Dr Leonard Horowitz, the 528 Hz frequency has the ability to heal damaged DNA. This music does not use binaural beats so you can listen to it without headphones.

HIGH INTELLIGENCE MUSIC, IQ INCREASING MUSIC Binaural beats for IQ increase will boost your ability for solve problems and increase intelligence. It's very useful during studying process to improve learning abilities. You can experience something called super learning or super intelligence.

MEMORY IMPROVEMENT MUSIC Music for memory helps to memorize things easier. These binaural beats are very useful before exams when you need to remember lots of information. If you would like to improve your memory more, this music should be combined with memory exercises and other memory improvement techniques.


By AudioHealerX - Healing Music - Relaxing Music

Healing music with binaural beats - that's what AudioHealerX offers. We use the highest quality binaural beats that are combined with soothing music for complete relaxation. Our relaxing music can be used for meditation, yoga, massage, visualization sessions and many more. Our music includes alpha waves, theta waves, beta waves, delta waves and gamma waves. The music we produce can also be used for stress relief, to overcome depression, will help you to stop smoking or lose weight. Binaural beats activates brain cells for different purposes. This music must be used with headphones since both ears gets slightly different Hz number.

(Source: youtube.com; May 22, 2017; https://tinyurl.com/y9fdut5m)
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