Human extinction is on the cards but remains optional

Author and researcher Julian Cribb in his insightful book Surviving the 21st Century - Humanities ten greatest challenges and how we can overcome them, provides some thought provoking commentary on events that we are witness to today. Published in 2017, it is an uncanny narrative and description of the global strife we now stand amidst.

In stating that the, "Current scenarios for human extinction being explored [by researchers globally] include ; A process in which delusion becomes so prevalent in politics, business, economics, religious beliefs, popular narratives and the behaviour of society that it paralyses our ability to take pragmatic action to save ourselves." - Cribb, 2017.

The only way to avoid arriving at the destination we are hell bent on getting to, is to make serious, very inconvenient and compassionate changes to how we live life today. Few people are prepared to do that and devoid of critical mass, that leads us to a logical and reasoned acceptance of an inevitable collapse.

Develop the courage to make changes in your lifestyle and to take personal action to give your self and those you love a chance as the brimstone hits the fan. Learn now what you will need to know tomorrow.

"Dare to Stand Strong!" - Rich Hungerford


How to Manage Your Personal Fears

This video concerns managing personal fear and we consider how powerful choosing a different perspective in relation to fear and the sources of that fear, may be in shifting how you respond to it.

Being capable of self-control and of controlling emotional responses such as fear remains one of the hallmarks of the warrior. This video will assist you to keep things real, in the right perspective and reduce inaction and indecision when the pressure is on you.


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By Rich Hungerford

Rich is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) at The Warrior’s Path Academy. He is a former Australian Special Air Service (SAS) soldier, team leader and instructor, who now shares his insights and experience concerning Warrior Mindset, Combatives, and Survival & Tracking skills to assist those walking the warrior’s path to becomes True Warriors. Rich offers a totally unconventional, asymmetrical and lateral thinkers approach to his areas of expertise. He offers insights that are based on real experience and that are as unique as they are unconventional.  He walks a path less trodden. 




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