Did ISS live-feed accidentally capture "Top Secret" Hypersonic Vehicle Test?

Scott C. Waring, the founder of UFO Sightings Daily, claims he has come across a strange video recorded from the International Space Station's (ISS) NASA Space Cam that shows the moment an unidentified flying object rockets into orbit.  

 "I was watching the NASA live space station cam when I noticed the camera zooming in on a strange object coming from below the space station. At first I thought it was a capsule or satellite, but its speed increased and after 22 minutes it shot up and into deep space. I believed if it was a capsule it would have gone into low earth orbit then lower to land. But when this object shot upward into deep space, it literally blew my mind. This could be USAF top-secret alien tech fused craft, but I don't think so, the person on the camera seemed dismayed and unprepared for its sudden appearance," Waring said in a blog post

Waring operates the YouTube channel ET Data Base and judging by his past videos and commentaries - he's a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist. 

He told tabloid newspaper Daily Express, that at one point, the NASA live camera suddenly "notices something down there and begins to zoom in on it."

Waring said NASA was the one zooming in on the object in the video, "not me." 

He said the ISS crew is as "baffled by it as I am. They don't know what it is or why it is there." 

"It doesn't like any kind of object I have seen before. If it is military, then it is a top-secret US air force technology," he said. 

One video commenter said, "Reminds me of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2). Capable of Mach 20 (13,000 miles/hr). What fascinates me in this video, though, is that it travels upwards away from Earth's orbit! Amazing video."

While the authenticity of the video remains of a question, the probabilities of an alien spaceship are slim to none, but instead could be a top-secret DARPA hypersonic vehicle.

As we've explained on several occasions, DARPA is actively testing these vehicles that can fly between Mach 5 (3,836 mph) and Mach 10 (7,672 mph).


By Tyler Durden / Editors

A group of editors who collectively write under the pseudonym "Tyler Durden" (a character from the novel and film Fight Club).

(Source: zerohedge.com; February 24, 2020; https://www.zerohedge.com/node/661039)
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