RAMAR X-File prologue featuring Erich von Däniken

 Erich von Däniken explains RAMAR X-File in a prologue

In the future we will post ongoing mysteries based on facts. RAMAR stands for: Research of Ancient Mysteries and Anomalies for Revaluation.

Let's discover the mysterious facts! We're about the smoking gun. Stay tuned with us if you are tired watching ongoing documentations and you don't anymore know which information is true, or coming from a reliable source. You can trust us, because we don't claim we are right or know the truth, we just research and evaluate the facts existing about the mysteries, then we present you the facts, without hours of unstructured prose.

RAMAR has a structured system and the information is distilled to bring up and show the points which really count. Have an inspiring fine time.

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By RAMAR / Research of Ancient Mysteries and Anomalies

RAMAR – Research of Ancient Mysteries and Anomalies for Revaluation is your opportunity to get involved digitally on a platform, where you can be part of a community which reports facts about worldwide mysteries.

Mysterious archaeological sites, artefacts not included in regular accepted history, mind-boggling phenomenon such as crop circles as well as unique and mass UFO sightings are all part of the exciting categories everyone around the world can personally report and tap into, as part of the RAMAR community. 

If you have a story to share of buried secrets, hidden knowledge, lost connections and unknown forces, connect with RAMAR with their easy to negotiate reporting form, for your voice to be heard or to add to your knowledge of worldwide mysteries and anomalies.

(Source: youtube.com; https://tinyurl.com/yhyv4h5n)
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