Why the vaccine rollout is going poorly

From the earliest days of the moral panic of covid-19 people have been programed to accept vaccines as the way out of lockdowns, masking, and social distancing. (While simultaneously being told that there was no return to normal. Ever. Period.) Months into the hysteria, as development on the injections began, the public was promised that life would still go back to the way it was but not immediately. Now, as the shots are going out to the public, the goalposts have been moved further still. We have seven years to wait for normalcy to return according to Bloomberg because there’s just too many people to jab and this vaccine rollout is too slow.

Bloomberg is right about one thing in that article, the much hyped worldwide covid-19 vaccine rollout is going poorly. There are shortages across America. In Japan, syringe shortages are leading to millions of doses to be thrown away. Countries across Europe have rejected the AstraZeneca shot due to insufficient data on health and safety. That same shot is being dubbed useless against the supposedly “deadly new variant” of covid-19 found in South Africa which has caused the country to halt it’s rollout plans. Australia’s vaccine rollout was delayed because their homemade shots were producing false positive results for HIV. Stories such as those above continue rolling in at such a rapid pace these examples will seem outdated by the time this piece gets published.

You would think that with the so-called pandemic capturing the attention of governments and people around the world for a year that a country’s vaccine rollout would be flawless. But what if all the confusion and uncertainly was intentional? Could anyone really benefit from such a scenario?

The most obvious potential beneficiaries are the manufacturers as they stand to make a fortune off of these shots. Though several manufacturers of the jabs are claiming to supply the world on a not-for-profit basis, a claim erroneously touted even by some in the alternative press, this is anything but true. In 2021 it is estimated that Pfizer and Moderna alone could profit a combined $32 billion on covid vaccine sales. And for every dose disposed of, mishandled, or wasted the government will just order more. Perhaps this is exactly why the shots need to be handled with extreme caution and expensive equipment lest they become unusable.

The deployment of such fragile technology requires a level of extremely high logistical coordination which simply doesn’t appear to be in place. At the end of the day however, there is no amount of coordination that can overcome a lack of desire. The truth is that many people don’t want to be injected with experimental medical technology. One third of Americas are still saying they are unlikely to take a vaccine. Nearly a quarter of Brazilians are planning to opt out. In Mexico, entire towns are rejecting them. Residents of Balkans nations remain highly skeptical of the shots.

This is a real problem for the oligarchical class who are relentlessly pushing these shots on the public. To ensure this operation is a success from their perspective they need to find an answer to the following question: how do you get someone to want something they would otherwise not desire?

Create artificial scarcity which begets real demand. By clumsily executing vaccine rollouts the state can make it appear as if there are not enough shots to go around. When the media becomes saturated with headlines about disastrous rollouts those who are already planning to get an injection will do so at the earliest possible chance. If they miss out the idea that they might have missed their chance only creates heightened demand. Ideally, artificial scarcity will further convince the percentage of the public who are on the fence that if they don’t act quickly they will be among the lowly unvaccinated lot when the supply runs out.

Sound far-fetched? Well, this is the exact scenario that played out in North America during the ginned up H1N1 flu scare in 2009. 

If this fails the state can fall back on the tried and true tactic of divide and conquer. For almost a year now we have been told that if we all pull together (I.e. unquestioningly obey orders) the pandemic will end and the brave new normal will begin. Early on, those who resisted demands to close their businesses, wear masks, stay home indefinitely, etc. were quickly branded as selfish and holding everyone else back from beating the dreaded virus. Now that it’s time for the shot the message is being honed and it is the unvaccinated who are the burden on society. Medical charlatan, Anthony Fauci claims 85% of the population will need to be injected before herd immunity is achieved, the Mayo Clinic says 94%. This creates a perfect recipe for the masses to be sold yet another reason to fight amongst themselves while the elite look on.

It’s clear that there is no unifying narrative about whether or not the vaccines will actually end the so-called pandemic. One thing remains uncontested though and that is that no matter how poorly the rollouts go, regardless of the side effects and deaths that are caused by the injections, and whether or not lockdowns ever end as a result people taking these shots, the vaccines will still be touted as the way out of this.

If you still haven’t drawn your line in the sand, do it. And if you haven’t begun linking up with others willing to opt out, do that as well. The push to join the inoculated herds is going to be immense. But by having principles that you will not violate and people willing to help you along the way the fight will be much easier.


By Matt
(Source: whatabouttheroads.co; February 18, 2021; https://tinyurl.com/475hdyvb)
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