WHO’s high-level conference on health equity

The World Health Organization (WHO) is organizing a High-level Conference on Health Equity, happening on the 11–13th June 2019, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Hosted by the Government of Slovenia, it will provide evidence and information on the solutions that can be implemented to reduce health inequalities and accelerate progress towards better health, well-being and prosperity for all in the European Region.

This conference will envolve public health and other senior government officials from throughout the European region, and will be condensed in a report which will also be available in Russian. It will also feature an extensive paper on basic income, authored by Louise Haagh and Barbara Rohregger, where basic income policies are analysed under the light of health effects and inequities.


By André Coelho

Activist. Engineer. Musician. For the more beautiful world our hearts know it's possible.



(Source: basicincome.org; June 11, 2019; http://bit.ly/2IBI6jg)
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