Vaccines fail in Scotland and Italy is blowing up

 Meanwhile the media hushes it all up.

Chris Waldburger

The images from vaccine passport protests in Italian city Trieste are astounding.

Ask yourself why it is likely you are only seeing these images via my humble newsletter:

The idea there is consent toward mass vaccination control is completely contrived by the media.

Do these people look like they are welcoming the new world order?

This footage is not to be found on any news channel.

Think about that. An uprising of normal people in vast numbers in a first world city is not being covered by any mainstream media. Footage is removed from YouTube and even the street cam footage is being wiped apparently.

(Credit to El Gato once again for the above.)

But then again, the so-called science is also not covered.

Official Scottish data now shows that hospitalization rates are higher in the vaxxed than the unvaxxed.

There is no pandemic of the unvaccinated. (For my fellow South Africans, think about when last hospital data of patients by vax status went viral? Why is that?)

Here is the Scottish data, shared by that other great independent covid reporter, Eugyppius:

Source here.

Meanwhile, in the same country, the government is cutting hospital beds, the same beds they shut down an entire country to save.

Why is that?

This literally undercuts the entire point of ALL the restrictions anywhere around the world. We knew that though when they dismantled the field hospitals and kept the masks and floor stickers.

Once again, this is not about rationality or science or health.

If it were, this would not be happening:

What is to be done?

The first step is to know the truth, before it can set us free.

The mainstream media needs to be undercut. Stop letting them set the parameters of what can be known and discussed. They have lost that privilege.

Share the unreported truths with your friends. Don't give in to hysteria and political correctness, even in everyday conversation.

And live your life not by lies, not in fear, but in abundance.

It has almost been two years.

The sick medical tyrants must not be allowed to steal another two years of our lives.

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