ISIS commander claims that he was trained by US in southern Syria

According to AMN News, recently captured ISIS commander confessed to the Syrian Army this week that he was trained by the US forces in southern Syria.

The commanderconfirmed that he was previously leading his forces in the southern districts of Damascus before their defeat earlier this year.

Following their defeat to the Syrian Army, the Islamic State commander and his forces were transported to the Badiya Al-Sham region of southern Syria, where they remained until his capture earlier this month.

The Islamic State commander said that he was trained by the US forces at the Rukban Refugee Camp in southern Syria and that he joined the terrorist group for monetary purposes.

The Islamic State commander also revealed that the main leader of the terrorist forces in southern Syria is a man named Abu Ayoub Al-Iraqi.

He would end his confession by telling the army that at least 500 of his comrades managed to escape southern Damascus and make their way to the Turkish border.


(Source:; September 8, 2018;
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