If you don’t want dangerous 5G technology

... installed throughout your community, boycott 5G companies

From December 5, 1955 until November 23, 1956, African Americans in Montgomery, Alabama stopped riding public buses until they were legally allowed to sit wherever they wanted.  This is one of many examples of how voting with your money makes a difference.

Organization, No5G.com suggests that there is no better time than to vote with your money AGAINST dangerous 5G technology.

The Telecom Industry can’t even prove that 5G is safe.

BUT current laws still make it legal for them to install it everywhere so they are – in front of homes, hospitals, schools, etc. throughout communities in the U.S. and around the world.  EVERYWHERE.

Suggestions from No5G include:

  • Don’t buy any of the 5G gadgets that are already being advertised.
  • Boycott SpaceX, OneWeb, Boeing and any other corporations that are involved in the launch of 5G satellites.
  • Display posters on your house’s windows to alert your neighbors about the real 5G grid that they are building.
  • Organize local discussion groups to exchange information with others from your area.
  • Educate your local elected officials about 5G.
  • Force your government to reveal its knowledge about the dangers of 5G infrastructure.
  • Inform the telecom workers who install the 5G grid near you about how this hurts them and their children.
  • Don’t use (“free”) WiFi in public spaces.

Even if you can’t do absolutely everything, every little bit helps.


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By BN Frank
(Source: activistpost.com; March 9, 2019; https://tinyurl.com/y2bxv2bo)
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