How the government plans to use YOUR credit card details

 ... to track visits to coronavirus hotspots, despite enforcing check-in technology at all restaurants, bars and cafes

  • The National Contact Tracing Review by Dr Alan Finkel was released on Friday 
  • Dr Finkel provided a series of recommendations to avoid coronavirus outbreak 
  • Report says card payments could be tracked to control COVID hotspots 


The federal government is planning to use credit card payments to track coronavirus outbreaks - despite already encouraging diners to check-in at restaurants, bars and cafes with QR codes. 

Australia's contact tracing methods were analysed by chief scientist Alan Finkel in the National Contact Tracing Review, which was shared with the National Cabinet on Friday. 

The report provided a series of recommendations to continue to proactively fight the global health crisis. 

While registering at public venues is already expected at most establishments, the report said the government could also use technology to track hotspots through bank statements.

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By Zoe Zaczek / For Daily Mail Australia
(Source:; November 14, 2020;
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