Former top level Facebook executive claims “150 men rule the world” and everyone else is a "puppet"

“Here’s the thing, there’s about 150 people that rule the world. Anyone that wants to go into politics they’re all f*cken puppets, okay? There are 150 — and they’re all men — that run the world. Period. Fullstop. They control most of the important assets — they control the money flows. And these are not the tech entrepreneurs. Now, they are going to get rolled over, over the next 5-10 years by the people that are really underneath pulling the strings.”

— Chamath Palihapitiya, Nov 10, 2017, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Some of you may remember Chamath Palihapitiya from his warning that social media was “ripping apart the social fabric of how society works,” which received generous attention in the media and went viral as a result. What most people completely missed, and what no single major media outlet reported — at least to the best of my knowledge — was when he explained that “150 men rule the world” and they are “going to roll over” the tech entrepreneurs in the coming years.

Censorship Has Since Grown To Unprecedented Levels

Within just a few months of these unambiguous claims, a series of controversial laws from different governments were either proposed or passed, that would impose harsh penalties and fines on tech companies that did not censor postings considered to be “harmful” or “dangerous” by the authorities. In Germany, for example, the government passed a law that would fine social media sites up to £44 million if they did not remove whatever they decided qualified as “hate speech” within 24 hours. Similarly, the European Union proposed that “terrorist” content be taken down within an hour or face harsh penalties. Repeat offenders could be sanctioned by up to 4% of their global turnover, which amounts to billions and billions of dollars.

As we all presumably know by now, censorship has since grown to unprecedented levels. I myself have had my YouTube and Facebook accounts deleted, as has the Free Thought Project, amongst many others who have been accused of “inauthentic activity” or something equally ambiguous . And then more recently, in the face of this current pandemic, censorship of information has become even more brazen, to the point of even targeting respected experts, such as Knut Wittowski and others, for challenging the lockdown policies being imposed. In all instances the authorities claim that this is for the public’s safety and protection.

Whether this censorship is the result of the “150 men that rule the world” or not, is something that we can only speculate about since the likelihood of an admission is practically nil. Considering his wealth and position in society, and also his frankness and authenticity of expression, however, Chamath Palihapiti’s claims should not be taken lightly.

They Don’t Give a Sh*t About What You Think of Their World View

Later on in the interview, Chamath proceeds to explain how this ruling class actively use their money and wealth to propagate their own worldview to their personal benefit and self interest, and whether we like it or not, “they don’t give a sh*t about what you think of their worldview,” they are going to use their enormous power and influence to propagate it nonetheless. Being as such, “you have a moral imperative to make sure that if you have a point of view that matters” you make money that will help you influence public perception in a positive way.

Of course, this is much easier said than done, especially since many of those most familiar with the injustices of this world tend to be the ones that come from financial scarcity and material poverty. It also becomes all the more difficult when activists who have worked sedulously to build large followings that they could then use to help support their visions and plans to create positive change are censored or have their accounts entirely deleted. Nonetheless, as Chamath points out, money (and more so those who control it) “drives the world, for better or for worse”.

There Is Another Way

My personal position is that we are far more likely to change this toxic system for the better, if we stand together and aggregate our collective capabilities and resources to accomplish that goal. No one person can accomplish this daunting task alone for obvious reasons. None of us have all the knowledge, financial resources, and so on and so forth needed to create authentic positive change. But if a decent number of us stand together, then we can aggregate everything that we need.

Someone might have the money to purchase a new piece of land, for example, another the knowledge to farm it, another the insight to build sustainable homes, another the knowledge to start new schools for children, another the skills to protect the community physically from those who potentially mean to do harm, and so on and so forth. Everything needed is already out there but we must stand together if we are to have a chance.

In order to still keep the hope of creating a better future alive though, the best and most immediate course of action we can take is to migrate to platforms where we can still at least communicate freely, such as, MeWe, Sociall,, and Bitchute, amongst others. (Any other recommendations are welcomed in the comments section)

When we consider that there are people out there being arrested for simply making social media posts protesting these lockdowns, then we should know that this censorship is only going to get worse unfortunately, and potentially escalate to much more dangerous authoritarian levels. Thus it is imperative that we start our exodus away from these tech companies under the control of the ruling class sooner rather than later.


By Gavin Nascimento / Founder of

In this great excursion of mystery and ambiguity, I, like many of you, have grappled and contended with the demeaning pressures of poverty, depression, abuse, addiction, anxiety, and loss, amongst other painful appraisals we sometimes encounter in life. More importantly though, through great trial and error, along with a stubborn persistence to succeed, I have apprehended a way to advance through these indifferent tasks and shake off those mental shackles that have enslaved so many minds. What ultimately set me free, and what will also set you free, is the redemptive power of beneficial knowledge and unadulterated ‘education’. Which is to say, not education in the traditional sense, itself more a product of a manipulative, opportunistic and self serving agenda — all of which will be explained to you in detail through this website — but education in the sense of actual empowerment, both personally and collectively.

I could be labeled a life coach of sorts. But I am much more than that. I, like you, am a collection of every externally incomprehensible experience I have ever had. Every ‘victory’ and every ‘loss’, every memory and every dream, every thought and every action, every smile and every tear. I, like you, have been influenced by countless billions and billions of people before me — including their thoughts and actions, their ‘victories’ and ‘losses’, their smiles and tears — from thousands and thousands of years of known history, and possibly millions, billions or even trillions of the unknown. Furthermore, I, like yourself, may actually be a ‘spirit’, or infinite being of some sort, whose true ‘identity’ transcends that of the aforementioned.

Invariably, who I am and who you are, are things we cannot fully comprehend or define through conventional knowledge or understanding. This is because conventional knowledge and understanding is painfully limited and does not encompass all there is to possibly know in the world, or the Universe, and in all likelihood, never will. Humans, to this very day, despite their shameful arrogance and proudly announced ignorance, cannot even comprehend the human brain in all its majesty. What I can tell you, as it relates to the topic in question, is that my mission, conviction and goal in life — be it by chance, choice or fate — is to contribute towards positive revolution and change. To contribute towards the creation of a New Kind Of Human. One that is powerful and driven by passion, not fear.

Although I use physical training in a philosophical manner, and as a focal point for building up the mind and the body, it is not absolutely essential. What is peremptory however, is an open and determined mind that is serious about becoming better with each and every day. A mind that wants to challenge itself to grow. Although I welcome people from all different walks of life, my personal philosophy largely coincides with that of Bruce Lee who, after studying various martial arts through the course of his life, came to the conclusion that all of these ancient teachings were inevitably flawed, in one way or another, because of their self imposed limitations and dogmas. They did not welcome innovation or creativity on the grounds of ancient tradition and uncompromising obedience to the status quo. These objective assessments encouraged Bruce to develop his own fighting style, which incorporated all the applicable strengths of the different martial arts he studied, while discarding the weaknesses of each. He called it ‘Jeet Kune Do’, interpreted as ‘way of the intercepting fist’, something he described as ‘using no way as way, and using no limitation as limitation.’ Thus, Bruce Lee, who today has been revered by the president of the very popular UFC as ‘the father of Mixed Martial Arts‘, took multiple ideas from brilliant minds and made them all the more brilliant through his personal vision and creativity.

This, my friends, applies to all of life. There is something to be learned from every art, every religion and every science — from every book, from every difficulty, from every circumstance and from every individual we encounter. But do not allow any  system of thought, any system of so called ‘truth’ or anyone, for that matter, including myself, enslave your mind or inhibit your potential for personal growth. All systems of thought and belief are a  product of the human mind, which invariably renders them limited, in one way or another, and, being as such, can only take you so far. This was my interpretation of Bruce’s philosophy. Something he defined as, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.”

With that said, I am not here to provide you with a temporary ‘feel good’ experience or an easy fix of a ‘solution’. I’m not going to teach you how to magically get ripped abs in 5 minutes or become rich over the weekend. If you don’t want to put in any effort to change your life, then this website is not for you. Go on with your day. This journey is going to take hard work and commitment on your part. If you want to become an extraordinary human being, you have to start putting in that ‘extra’. If this is you, then I am here to provide you with the guidance you have been looking for, so that you will emerge from your chrysalis as a strong and powerful human being. One that is capable of creating positive and meaningful change in both their personal lives and, on a grander scale, the world at large.

This is my conviction and this is my calling. This is my chosen, or possibly imposed fate. I cannot leave this world without putting fourth my best effort to help change it for the better. And, with commitment and determination on your part, I will help you to discover that you are far more powerful than the ruling class has permitted you to believe. To help you to become a New Kind Of Human, one that will help to create a new kind of world.

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