Apple is pushing nationwide 5G rollout so that customers will have to upgrade and buy new iPhones… as usual, it’s all about the money

Tech giant Apple recently held another one of its product and service launch events where it was announced that new iPhones with supposed 5G capabilities are soon on the way.

Even though they look almost exactly like the old iPhones, the new iPhone lineup will allegedly be able to connect to at least some of the 5G antenna towers that are popping up all over the place, including those being placed next to elementary schools and in residential neighborhoods.

Ever since the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple has turned into a lackluster-at-best copycat company that never really releases anything truly new. Instead, the Silicon Valley giant seems to just churn out the exact same recycled tech every year with a few small modifications, all while calling it new and charging an obscene price for it.

Well, this is happening once again with Apple’s latest batch of upcoming iPhones, which we’ve learned are nothing more than a money-making gimmick designed to entice the lowest IQ consumers to hop onto the 5G train and spend all of their hard-earned cash on overpriced gadgets they don’t actually need.

According to reports, more than half of all Apple sales still come from iPhones, even though iPhone sales continue to decline year after year. This is why Apple is desperately trying to get 5G fully implemented because it has nothing new to offer its customers besides new and supposedly “improved” iPhones, which are barely different than the old ones, save for the addition of a few extra ugly back-panel cameras.

“Apart from that, the design is mostly similar to iPhone X,” reports Zero Hedge about how Apple really has nothing new to offer except more of the same.

New Apple iPhones won’t even have real 5G capabilities, just AT&T’s fake “5G E” logo embedded on the screen

Hilariously, these new supposedly 5G-equipped iPhones that Apple is soon to release won’t even have real 5G capabilities, according to some media outlets. Instead, Apple will simply be adding a deceptive software update to these iPhones that will make it appear as though they’re connecting to 5G towers, when they actually aren’t.

“There are no 5G iPhones, and there probably won’t be 5G iPhones for a while,” writes Chaim Gartenberg for The Verge. “But that isn’t stopping Apple and AT&T: They are reportedly rolling out AT&T’s fake ‘5G E’ branding with its upcoming iOS 12.2 update, according to a report from MacRumors.”

Gartenberg explains that Apple and AT&T are basically planning to fool customers who purchase new iPhones into believing that they’re connecting to 5G towers, when in fact the phones are just indicating such on their displays.

“The new (5G E) icon isn’t there for everyone, presumably because it will only appear in cities where AT&T’s 5G Evolution network – the company’s intentionally misleading name for its LTE network that it seems to hope customers will confuse for actual, next-generation 5G networks – is active,” Gartenberg adds.

“Just like in 2012, Apple has not magically inserted new, next-gen radio chipsets into its phones via software updates, nor has it unlocked some latent capability in its phones to make them faster than they were before. They’re the same iPhones that are running the same hardware and software and connecting to the same LTE network at the same speeds they did before – just with a new logo.”

So it’s just corruption upon corruption upon even more corruption, and all to continue separating as many Apple worshippers as possible from their money – to which we will tell our readers: Don’t be fooled by the scam.

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By Ethan Nash
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