Environmental Working Group provides tips for safer wireless use during COVID

 — kids more vulnerable to exposure

Wireless devices (cell phones, laptops, utility “Smart” Meters, activity trackers, etc.) emit harmful electromagnetic radiation.  Exposure can increase risk for cancer (see 1, 2) and other illnesses.  For many years, American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts have warned that children are more vulnerable to exposure.

Environmental Working Group (EWG) has been concerned about radiation health risks as well (see 1, 2).  Last week the organization released 2 new videos.

From Environmental Health Trust:

5 Tips for Safer Wireless Use During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Environmental Working Group

Environmental Health Trust is thankful that Environmental Working Group is sharing information on how to reduce exposure to wireless radiation. Please see some recent videos below that raise awareness on this issue. We recommend replacing Wi-Fi with wireless devices as the safest option.

High-speed internet is safer and more secure with a hard-wired Ethernet connection (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  When you have no choice but to use a wireless connection, shielding products can reduce radiation levels.  Be sure to buy them from reputable sources.  Tens of millions of 2-way transmitting utility “Smart” Meters have been installed worldwide.  These meters also emit dangerously high levels of electromagnetic radiation.  If you’re concerned about this, contact your utility company and ask if you can “opt-out” of these meters.

Got pets?  Exposure from wireless devices can affect them too (see 1, 2).


By BN Frank
(Source: activistpost.com; February 21, 2021; https://tinyurl.com/5glfrele)
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