Welcome to the United Gates of America

Note: I did not coin that clever headline phrase. I saw it on Ginger Taylors Facebook page. I'm sure it will be everywhere soon. Yesterday, I read a Tweet from New York's Governor Cuomo who thinks that handing the reins of education over to the Gates Foundation is a nifty idea.  Since when does a private foundation have dominion over our nation's... anything? Bill Gates dropped out of college.  NO LETTERS AFTER HIS NAME!!!  (How many times has that been thrown at you?) And yet he is rapidly becoming a Technotator for the planet Earth. Take a peek at him a mere 22 years ago during a deposition. "Reader, reader what do you see?" 

Here's what Cuomo wrote:

As we prepare to reopen we have the opportunity to reimagine and build back our education system better. We will work with the @gatesfoundation and develop a blueprint to do this.

Bill Gates Rocks Back And Forth In His Chair When He's Thinking




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By Kim Rossi / Kim Rossi is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.
(Source: ageofautism.com; May 6, 2020; https://bit.ly/35zoU0W)
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