Vaccines did not control infectious diseases

The medical-industry complex and governments are falsely claiming that ‘vaccines create herd immunity’ that has controlled infectious diseases. This has been claimed for the last three decades and it amounts to indoctrination because the historical evidence and the risks of vaccines have been censored.

This myth is being presented in school curriculums and in the education of doctors – an education that is influenced by funding from pharmaceutical companies. This is pseudo-science and it is a serious risk to public health. It is also being promoted in the mainstream media due to powerful industry-lobby groups who influence media institutions.

Mainstream media is owned by a small number of media moguls with financial interests in vaccine development, and media outlets receive sponsorship from the pharmaceutical companies and other corporations. The majority of media outlets are not independent organisations – even The Guardian is not independent in reporting Global Health Policies due to funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Here is the evidence that proves that vaccines were not the most important factor in the control of infectious diseases. In addition, they are responsible for harming (and killing) millions of people each year. The significant increase in chronic illness and neurological damage in children is testimony to this fact – a correlation that the Australian government has ignored and has actively de-funded instead of collecting the evidence to prove or dis-prove this plausible causal link.

All doctors need to be trained in anaphylaxis management when giving vaccines (Pharmacist talking points: anaphylaxis management (10 August 2020) due to the well documented neurological damage caused by vaccines. Whilst the government claims this is a ‘rare’ event (no evidence provided) this is clearly not the case because all teachers are now required to carry epi-pens for this explosion of anaphylaxis in children since 1990.

The suppression of the risks of vaccines is also enhanced by not reporting vaccine-related deaths:

In Australia “There is no requirement for a doctor certifying a death to make any documentation of an antecedent vaccination on a death certificate, even if the individual was of stable health prior to the vaccination, and deteriorated subsequently and terminally.

Evidence that Vaccines did not Control Infectious Diseases:

  1. Here is the graph demonstrating the decline in all infectious diseases in Australia (and all other developed nations) by 1950 – before vaccines were developed (Greg Beattie 2011).
  2. Here are the comments from all the prominent public health officials of the 20th century that concluded the deaths to all infectious diseases declined before mass vaccination campaigns were implemented in Australia.
  3. Here is a link to the summary of my PhD that demonstrates that the government’s claims about the benefits of vaccines have been made by ignoring this scientific evidence and by not investigating the plausible correlation between the increase in chronic illness in children and the expanding vaccination program from 1990-2020. This is called undone science and this lack of scientific evidence for the benefits and risks of vaccines is a serious risk to human health. This undone science is described in my PhD thesis.

By Judy Wilyman PhD
(Source:; August 14, 2020;
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