Occupy Trenton to Rally Against S2173 starts strong

We'll be updating you on the events in Trenton to fight against the removal of Religious Vaccine Exemption in the Garden State - New Jersey, called Occupy Trenton. As we enter a Presidential election year where every single imaginable group (and some unimaginable until recently) is clamoring for and receiving protective measures, rights and positive press, ONLY ONE GROUP is consistently demonized and denied a voice and rights. And that's all of us fighting for the right to say NO to a vaccination. Even a single vaccination. A child who is one vax short of the required list for school will be out of compliance and unable to secure an education. Can you fathom that in America? What happened to the days when we all fought so that Ryan White, a boy with HIV who was not a threat to his fellow students by his mere presence could attend school?  Today, children with HIV and HEP B and other diseases are able to attend school while legislators, and to be blunt, the majority of them are from the party that starts with a D, are pushing for laws that would deny an education to healthy children, because of vaccinations status. We're approaching a witch hunt level of fear, dehumanization and ridicule that will, and I mean WILL lead to harm against us.  When you pit brother against brother, you can launch a bloody civil war.  Where are we in the mix of US residents (not all are "Americans") rightfully standing up for the right to exist and take part in society? Measles is not racing across the nation with death. And yet measles is the vehicle used to instill the fear needed to convince voters to let go of their rights. Many of us in the autism community are particularly affected by these laws, because our children have already fallen prey to vaccine side effects and injury. We know the horror of choosing a medical procedure with blind faith only to have it bite us from head to toe. Imagine the feeling of having to subject your children against your will to these procedures to attend school?   If the kids stay how, Mom and Dad can not go to work. The domino effect will tumble into areas we can't imagine.

If you're at Occupy Trenton, send me an email at [email protected] with your perspective.   Stay safe. Use your common sense. Don't let the other side rile you into a mistake. And thank you.



By Kim Rossi / Kim Rossi is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.
(Source: ageofautism.com; January 7, 2020; http://bit.ly/35BNYCZ)
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