Irish Medical Doctor Anne McCloskey “The Shots Are Killing People”

 - suspended after video

by daniel_g

Dr. Anne McCloskey works on the COVID-19 frontlines in Northern Ireland.

Distressed by what she’s witnessed in the hospital, Dr. McCloskey pleaded to others to stop the COVID-19 injections.

Dr. McCloskey stated she’s never witnessed anything like this before.

Young, healthy people developing upper body blood clots and doctors turning a blind eye to make a connection to the jabs.

Dr. McCloskey boldly stated the jabs are killing people and causing a dire situation in the hospitals.

And others need to make a stand to protect the children at all costs.

Hear Dr. McCloskey’s message on the Health Impact News Rumble page:

Unsurprisingly, Dr. McCloskey faced suspension shortly after issuing her warning.

Her statement doesn’t agree with the mainstream COVID-19 narrative.

As a result, she’s now being investigated.


Dr. Anne McCloskey, local Derry GP has asked for this video to be shared.

This is serious stuff.

May God keep her safe and protect her.

Please don't just "Like", please "Retweet" her very important message.

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Dr Anne McCloskey senior member of @AontuIE and former councillor

— Mary Buckley (@marybuckley549) August 24, 2021


GP is suspended over Covid-19 vaccine claims via @BBCNews

— Caroline Rapu RCN (@CarolineRapu) August 24, 2021

No dissenting opinion is allowed

— Archer (@ArcherOnTheWall) August 24, 2021


Sorry to hear this ⁦@DrAnneDerry⁩ thank you for honouring the Hippocratic oath “First do no harm” Where are all the other Irish doctors? #BeBraveAndSpeakUp #JustSayNo

Dr Anne McCloskey: GP suspended over Covid-19 vaccine comments – BBC News

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From the BBC:

Dr Anne McCloskey, a former Aontú councillor, expressed concerns in a social media video about young people being given the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) said it was suspending Dr McCloskey “as a precautionary measure while it undertakes a full investigation”.

Dr McCloskey cannot work for the health service during that time.

The HSCB said that suspension was “not an automatic occurrence when undertaking an investigation”.

In the nine-minute video posted on Sunday, Dr McCloskey made a number of claims, including that there was not enough evidence that it was safe for young people to be vaccinated.

Dr McCloskey said she was “distraught” by the number of young people “damaged” by “unlicensed and unapproved” vaccines.

She said many young people had been “coerced, bribed or bullied” into being vaccinated and that vaccines were “malevolent”.

There is no evidence to support Dr McCloskey’s comments.

Health chiefs say the risk of becoming ill from Covid-19 is about 90% lower if you have been vaccinated.

The Irish News also reported her suspension:

NORTHERN Ireland’s most senior doctor last night said he was “personally appalled” by the anti-vaccine video posted by a Derry GP who has been suspended from practising medicine.

Dr Anne McCloskey, a former Aontú councillor, expressed concerns in a social media video about young people being given the vaccine.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Sir Michael McBride also warned of the “great distress” caused by comments made by Dr McCloskey on social media after she inferred vaccinations were causing young people to become seriously ill – and falsely claimed “unapproved” vaccines were an “experimental genetic therapy”.

Following complaints by GP colleagues about the weekend post, the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) yesterday moved to suspend Dr McCloskey as a “precautionary measure” as an investigation continues into “complaints and concerns against this doctor”.

The veteran GP retired in 2019 after more than 30 years working in the Shantallow area of the city but returned to the health service last April in response to the pandemic workforce appeal.

Dr McCloskey has been based in an out-of-hours GP centre in Derry for more than a year.

The Irish News yesterday asked the HSCB who had taken the decision to continue Dr McCloskey’s employment after she publicly denounced masks and the health service’s handling of the pandemic in Derry’s Guildhall Square last September.

She was also referred to her professional body, the General Medical Council, about her views at the time.

The HSCB did not address the query but instead confirmed the suspension.

A spokeswoman added: “Suspension is not an automatic occurrence when undertaking an investigation but may be necessary where there are concerns regarding patient safety and in the public interest.

“Dr McCloskey is not free to work for HSC organisations during her suspension.”

In a statement to The Irish News, the CMO said he welcomed the board’s investigation.

“I was personally appalled by the contents of this video and professionally extremely concerned,” Sir Michael McBride said.

“I know it has caused great distress to many members of the public and to health care workers, who know the reality of the Covid threat and the importance of vaccination.

This mainstream media hit piece shows they’re desperate to silence dissenting opinions.

Anyone who exposes the truth is ridiculed and silenced by corrupted medical officials.

If you don’t fall in line, this is the treatment you face.


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