Healing touch and oncology massage lessen cancer pain

A study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine revealed that both healing touch and oncology massage therapies can provide immediate relief from cancer-related pain. The study was conducted by a team of researchers from Atrium Health.

  • People with cancer commonly experience pain as a side effect of cancer and its associated treatments.
  • In the study, the researchers examined and compared the effectiveness of healing touch and oncology massage therapies on cancer-related pain.
  • They recruited 572 cancer outpatients to receive a single session of either healing touch or oncology massage from a certified practitioner.
  • Out of the 572 participants, 291 of them received healing touch while the remaining 281 received oncology massage.
  • Healing touch is a biofield therapy based on ancient Eastern healing practices. It involves the use of light, gentle touch, and/or make sweeping hand motions near the patient’s body to restore and balance energy.
  • On the other hand, oncology massage involves the application of gentle pressure and kneading of patient’s muscles and joints to manage physical and emotional stressors.
  • Healing therapy and oncology were tailored to the needs of the patients.
  • The cancer patients reported severity of pain felt before and after receiving the intervention.
  • Results showed that both healing touch and oncology massage significantly reduced pain in cancer patients.
  • The duration of pain relief was not determined.

In conclusion, the findings of the study indicate that both healing touch and oncology massage significantly relieved pain caused by cancer and its associated treatments.

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By Michelle Simmons
(Source: science.news; January 11, 2019; https://tinyurl.com/ybzndmoz)
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