Europeans to unite in Munich on March 21 to oppose mandatory vaccination

From the Corvelva YouTube channel, in Italy:

March 21, 2020: this is the date chosen for the European event for freedom of choice.

The law imposing the vaccination obligation on children and adults who work in contact with them is unfortunately now reality in Germany and German parents opposed to this imposition organized a demonstration in Munich on March 21 next.
Since the limitations of individual freedoms in the health sector are certainly not the prerogative of a single country or another, but are part of a global design of the WHO and of all governments ready to transpose its directives, we have willingly joined Germany and we have transformed this event into an opportunity for all of Europe to make the voice of those who claim their right to self-determination heard.

The event is supported by the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance, of which we are part, and will be an opportunity for a meeting and comparison between associations to determine together the line to follow in the near future.

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