EMF exposure mimics many of todays chronic illnesses

Did you know that EMF-related symptoms often mimic the symptoms of chronic fatigue, chronic Lyme, heavy metal exposure and mold illness?

If you want to learn the lowdown on EMFs and how to help your most sensitive patients, you need to watch this webinar: here

During this free webinar you will learn:

⏩The growing problem of electrosmog, and how much our exposure has really increased in the last few decades

⏩5 essential EMF questions you should ask patients the second you sit down with them

⏩The 3 easy ways your patients can reduce their EMF exposure by 90% (every single one of them should do this, even if they do not feel sensitive!)

⏩How heavy metals, mold, infections and other stressors interact with EMFs — and how to develop a proper "EMF Protocol"

⏩The #1 supplement to alleviate electro sensitivity symptoms

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Worried about what effect WiFi has on your body, your children or your animals?

Are your solar panels frying your brain without you even knowing?

All WiFi, cell phones, smart meters, phone towers and solar panels have a measurable impact upon your health!

NEXUS is selling Blushield technology products, because they work!

Live blood analysis and two years of testimonials from people with extreme electrosensitivity indicates that this is the only product on the market giving non-placebo results.  

We use Blushield in our NEXUS office and in our homes, and we have no hesitation in giving Blushield our strongest endorsement.  

For cell phones we also recommend and use the airtube earplugs, instead of wired earphones.

We believe this to be an extremely important subject and urge you to consider the following:

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