Death by doctoring - when will the madness stop?

 This is not an overdose

The night before Isaac Reis died, the 22-year-old knew something wasn’t right.

Isaac was so concerned about all the prescription medication he was taking, he asked to stay at his parent’s house.

The 22-year-old had recently moved out of home, but he phoned his father Paul Reis late that night asking to be picked up.

“When I picked him up, he was slightly sedated. He’d taken his night-time medication,” Mr Reis told the ABC.

Isaac told his father he wanted to be readmitted to a psychiatric hospital to have all of his medications reviewed.

“He was concerned. And I was concerned at the time too, because the further we got to home he became a lot more sedated.”

When they arrived home, Isaac was groggy and unsteady on his feet. He fell asleep in a chair and Mr Reis helped his son into bed at around midnight.

“I just didn’t know the gravity of the situation and I didn’t know all of these medications that had been prescribed to Isaac.”

Isaac had taken a toxic combination of 10 different drugs, as prescribed by his doctors, and was entering what a forensic physician has described as a “terminal slide”.

The next morning, Mr Reis found his son unconscious. Paramedics worked on Isaac for an hour but could not revive him.


By Lorna Knowles / Senior Journalist for the ABC Investigations Unit in Sydney

Lorna has won two Walkley Awards for her work in print and television.
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