Covid vaccine victims - horrific side effects include death

Reports streaming in of numerous adverse effects from vaccine. Reported in real time from around the US. THe VAERS system has traditionally seen approximately 1% of actual adverse events reported, making what may be the actual adverse reactions and deaths from this one vaccine somewhere in the vicinity of terrifying.


The VAERS site had quite a long downtime but the above search results were saved by someone and can be found here:

Page after page of death caused by vaccine can be seen here.

and links from GodLikeProdctions forum:
Petition to stop forced vaccinations: [link to (secure)] (credit to AC, thanks)
Download info from gov: [link to (secure)] (credit to AC, thanks)
Tracking covid reports: [link to (secure)] (credit to AC, thanks)
Alternate gif from database of CDC: [link to (secure)] (credit to AC, thanks)
Alternate database: [link to (secure)] (credit to AC, thanks)

and one more source:

This is just the tip of the iceberg. One would do well to research and self educate before putting themselves in the hands of the ignorant.


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