Coronavirus XI: what the hell is going on? The fear should stop!

I cannot understand why we are in a police state atmosphere right now. Over 99% of those that contract COVID-19 will recover from it. Folks, I am not minimizing this illness. COVID-19 is something to take seriously. It is highly contagious and spreads quickly.  Yes, it causes respiratory failure and death in those most susceptible: the elderly and those with chronic health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and lung disorders. We may not even have enough respirators for those who have a serious case.

However, there is another side to this story that is not being told.

Did you know that COVID-19 is much less deadly than the common flu?   Let me explain.

During this flu season (2019-2020) 1,130,489 samples have been collected. The number of positive influenza samples is 231,654 (20.5%). (1) “The CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 38 million flu illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations and 23,000 deaths from flu.

So, 23,000 deaths from the flu out of 231,654 positive specimens means that the death rate from influenza (as of 3.20.2020) is 10% (23,000/231,654).

Do we close the country for this? Do we declare a lockdown of our states because 10% are dying from the flu? No. We go to work and live our lives.

Let’s look at the numbers for COVID-19 starting with the worst-affected countries China and Italy. (2) In China there are 80,967 confirmed cases and 3,248 deaths. That results in a mortality rate of 4%. In Italy, there are 47,021 confirmed cases and 4032 deaths. That results in an 8% death rate. In the US, we have 19,007 confirmed cases and 250 deaths. That is a death rate of 1.3%. (Note: the death rate in the US is falling as more tests are confirmed as I stated would happen in previous posts.) Let’s look at these results and compare them to the 2020 influenza death rate in the Table below.

Folks, we have shuttered our country quarantining the entire population. The economy is a mess. People who need to work can’t. Our president has accessed emergency powers. One bright spot is that at least a few Senators cashed in and sold their stocks before the crash. Good for them. (Of course, repeat that last line with lots of sarcasm.)

COVID-19 is overwhelming our hospitals because we had no master plan in place for a pandemic. That is a massive failure by the Federal Government. Heads should roll for this as I have been saying since the beginning.

So what’s the good news? The good news is that you can let the fear go. This virus is not deadly to the vast majority—over 99%– who get it. In fact, I propose at the end of this nightmare, the death rate will be much lower than the common flu that many of us suffer from. Kids and young people are not dying from it in droves. As I have stated previously, in the end, when all the testing is done, I predict the death rate will be below 1%.

In my last blog post I provided you with effective natural therapies—vitamins A, C, D and iodine– that have proven to me and my partners to be effective at minimizing viral infections. Furthermore, a Chinese study on IV vitamin C showed that it was 100% effective at treating moderate to severe coronavirus infections.   I will discuss that in my next post. (Note: The IV vitamin C study was supposed to be this post, but I have become very irritated with what has happened in our country and wanted to help alleviate the fear that is so prevalent.)

At my office, the Center for Holistic Medicine has five practitioners. None of us can recall a patient who died from influenza or pneumonia this season or in any of the last few seasons. Our patients get viral infections like everyone else. We treat them with the therapies I outlined for you before along with IV vitamin C, IV hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and other therapies. We have so much to offer sick, infected patients.

IV vitamin C should be given to every hospitalized COVID-19 patient–as well as anyone hospitalized with influenza, pneumonia, sepsis, et cetera.

If you don’t have a holistic doctor, it is time to find one. Conventional medicine has little to offer sick COVID-19 patients. My partners and I have a lot to offer.

Final Thoughts:

As we increase our testing, the mortality rate for COVID-19 will fall. The final number will be much lower than the annual flu mortality rate number shown in the Table. There will be more illness and deaths from this virus, no doubt. However the fear level is well out of proportion to the problems we are seeing with COVID-19.

Take your vitamins. Eat a healthy diet free of refined sugar. Stay hydrated. Exercise. Don’t let the media and our Government cloud your thinking. Look at the numbers.

FDR said it best: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” COVID-19 deserves our attention and vigilance. It does not deserve the fear to ruin our country. We need to make our voices heard. The politicians need to hear from everyone of us. Remember, they work for us even if they don’t think so.

To All Our Health,


Addendum: In previous posts, I wrote that the flu death rate is o.1% as reported by the CDC. That number fluctuates each flu season. It is based on an estimate of the number of flu-infected Americans. The 10% number is based on confirmed cases of the flu as I showed you above. COVID-19 is currently being reported on confirmed cases. It is inappropriate to compare COVID-19 death rates with estimated CDC flu rate numbers. A direct comparison is done by using actual confirmed flu and COVID-19 cases which I have done in this post.




By Dr David Brownstein / Holistic Family Physician

Dr. David Brownstein is a Board-Certified family physician and is one of the foremost practitioners of holistic medicine. He is the Medical Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, MI. Dr. Brownstein has lectured internationally to physicians and others about his success in using natural hormones and nutritional therapies in his practice. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Wayne State University School of Medicine. Dr. Brownstein is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American College for the Advancement in Medicine. He is the father of two beautiful girls, Hailey and Jessica, and is a retired soccer coach.

Dr. Brownstein has received two prestigious awards by his colleagues. The first was given by the American College for the Advancement in Medicine at the 2005 annual meeting. The award was the Norman E. Clarke Sr. Award for Science and Practice. The second award was given by the American Academy of Integrative Medicine at their 2005 annual meeting in Florida. This was titled, 2005 ARC Excellence Award for Distinguished Clinician for his “Advancement in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Diseases.”

(Source:; March 20, 2020;
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