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As the world grapples with the fallout of the COVID-19 situation, we write to you with an important call to action. Use the COMMENTS section below to let us know the situation where you live.In recent days a couple videos have begun circulating on social media with evidence of apparent installations of 5G and/or biometric systems while children are home due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

We now have the opportunity to confirm (or debunk) reports of these covert installations at schools everywhere. We need your help with this – see the bottom of this post for what to do.

First, on March 16, the YouTube channel Logic Before Authority posted a video detailing a message he received from an apparent member of a local school board. This whistleblower detailed how school districts were intending to covertly install 5G equipment in schools during the lockdown, under the direction of the U.S. Department of Education. The companies being sent in were instructed to act as if they are there to disinfect the schools to stop the spread of the virus.

Watch that video here:

YouTube link:
(Also see Dana Ashlie’s summary on YouTube)

Following the Logic Before Authority video, On March 18 another video began circulating showing a fleet of white work vans behind an unknown school. Although we do not see the name or location of the school, the video clearly shows vans for two companies – Systems Plus Wisconsin and North American Mechanical, Inc. Both companies appear to be headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

While American Mechanical, Inc focuses on plumbing and mechanical services, Systems Plus Wisconsin clearly states they install biometric systems. The person filming the video called the school to ask whether the vans were involved with anything related to 5G. The person on the other end of the line then immediately hung up the phone.

Watch the second video here:

YouTube link:–eVU8

These videos, and others, have since sparked a growing number of social media comments from folks claiming to have seen work vans and/or towers and antennas being installed on school grounds during the quarantines. In fact, TBYP writer Derrick Broze was able to confirm that systems were being installed at Houston area schools during shutdown.

What’s happening in your neighborhood?

Now we need your help gathering more evidence! Most of us have been asked to stay home from work and our children have been indefinitely sent home from school. This absence from the daily grind has provided us with the opportunity to question the narratives that are unfolding around us.

Take a walk or drive to your local school to see if you notice anything unusual, such as work vans or telecom companies on site. If so, call the school and politely ask for more details. Please be courteous, but firm. If it’s the case that the U.S. Department of Education (or other state, federal or local agencies) are indeed working with the telecoms to covertly install 5G and/or biometric systems in schools, parents deserve to know!

Scroll down, and post your details and links to pictures in the comments section below! Once we gather enough credible evidence we be able to accordingly move forward with an organized action.

Then, please write your school board superintendent, school principal, or elected reps! Here’s an example script which is courteous and firm.

Here are some of the initial comments from YouTube and Facebook:

“I went to check my local school after I saw the video you posted on this today — sure enough, 3 telecom vehicles were the only vehicles in sight. Sneaky and evil. “
-Deirde R, March 19 (Texas)

“My sister is a teacher in TN and they have been told to stay out while maintenance cleans.”
-Break the Chains, March 20

“The installation of 5G towers while everyone is being ‘quarantined’.”
-Phoenix M, March 20 (BC)

“At least 40+ vans. Not including the ones parked in corner of buildings or in front of schools.”
-Ivonne J, March 20 (North Texas)

“They are installing 5g around schools here in Richmond, Virginia today–the first day schools are closed due to this fake coronavirus. Trucks are out digging up roads for the fiber installation of 5g.”
-Commenter, March 17

“This is a Federal Company, a simple google search leads you to their licensing. They are sub licensed as “Business Radio Licensing”, pretty generic name huh? which is a front company for the feds and 5g.”
-WTF198, March 19

“Im actually watching these Persons in their altech trucks placing 5G boxes on poles right outside of my apartment building They started down the whole block actually.”
-Wanda F, March 17

“I live across the street from two schools… This morning I saw 2 white trucks and men wearing yellow vest. They seemed to be with the electric company but nothing on their truck or person said so.”
-Barbara L, March 18

” One of the shopping malls in downtown Seattle is closed till April 2nd “because of the Virus” – A worker there told my Mom they are installing Five Jee during the closure. All dining establishments and our library are also closed and one of the downtown Starbucks is doing “renovations” – I think they are using the Virus as a cover for the nationwide roll-out. “
-Rusty S, March 19

Apparently happening in Denmark too
-March 19

Where could this all be leading?

Our concern is that 5G could be installed without our knowledge while we are grappling with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the installation of biometric systems could be a part of a more sinister agenda.

Namely, we are concerned that after the COVID-19 pandemic passes we will still be dealing with the repercussions of newly installed 5G, biometric systems, thermal imaging cameras or even temperature guns to detect who MAY have COVID-19.

Even more worrisome is the idea of government-mandated vaccinations; and, for example, that only those who can prove they have received the COVID-19 vaccine (once it’s developed) will be allowed back to work, school, public parks, public transportation, etc. 

This is even more worrisome when you consider that Bill Gates – a long time proponent of vaccinations and population control – recently stated:

“Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

What does Gates mean by a “digital certificate”? Could it be tied in to the Global ID2020 or the discussion of a “tattoo” that tells the medical authorities whether you have been vaccinated, for example? 

It certainly seems so, by admissions on this Reddit thread:

At the moment we simply don’t know where the COVID-19 pandemic will lead, but it is certainly being exploited to push several agendas which do not bode well for human health and freedom. 


1. Share details of what’s happening at schools in your area! Post comments below so we can collect all the evidence! For pictures and videos, post the links after you upload it onto another site, since this site can’t host uploads at this time.

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By TBYP Staff

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