We’ve been chipped and nobody cares

 2022 – We have Been Chipped. And Nobody Cares.

Rob Braxman Tech

Most of us are already chipped. This is the true if you use a "normie" phone. Things are moving in a bad direction with Big Tech, led by Google, pushing to track us with chip identifiers that will counter privacy protections like VPN's, location permissions, and pseudo-anonymous identities. Is there still a way out? For now there is but there is an active move to stamp out our options.

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By Rob Braxman Tech

I'm the Internet Privacy Guy. I'm a public interest hacker and technologist. I use my extensive knowledge of cybersecurity and tech to serve the public good. I care about privacy. I warn you of digital manipulation, disinformation, mass surveillance.

I also discuss alternative communication modes especially with a prepper focus. I discuss HAM radio, SDR, QRP modes, Digital modes when running portable. I am a General Class licensed HAM radio operator.

I'm a successful software architect and have built many enterprise systems. I also have an open-source social media app Brax.Me

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(Source: youtube.com; December 23, 2021; https://youtu.be/g3UvplQpK2w)
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