To clear the mind of its noise then to lose the mind altogether - this is meditation

. . . of course some would call this insanity

To achieve Enlightenment (The Real Knowledge That You Are A Robot And Have Been Programmed, And That You Can Re-Program Your Brain According To Your True Will.) you must first put yourself aside.

The Wisdom and Freedom of the Great Work (becoming more than human) is available to everyone who is willing to work and give up the security and stupidity of collective humanity.


The new you or higher you resides in the ability to re-program your own brain according to your own will.

The "you" which you are familiar with has been created through years of random, blind and unconscious programming. It is the result of happenstance, genetics and history. It has as much relationship to your Real Self, as freedom to fascism.

(Much to the shock of those in power, what we are is relative programmers – that is our brain is a neural garden of growing fibers and chemicals which in the final analysis we can learn to program ourselves, but first we must do away with the roots and fertilizers which do not fit our True Nature and Will.)

Now the time has come when everyone on the planet must take the responsibility for Self-Re-Programming. Matter is perfecting itself and we will find that it is centered in our consciousness.

Therefore, to be prepared for the coming Universal Expansion our machined selves must be outfitted with new neural patterns.

Never lose the awareness that you have the ability to re-program your own brain according to your will.

Humans have the outrageous habit of believing that once a pattern is established it must remain. This is particularly true when it concerns our "sacred" personality and characteristics.

It is difficult for most of humanity to believe that how they feel, what they think, how they act, and what they believe is LEARNED, and there is nothing special or unique about them which is not contributed to by genetics and conditioning. To repeat all that we hold sacred about ourselves is not of our own choosing, but rather a result of "chance". However, unlike other animals humans are capable of willing, choosing, creating an identity through the process of self-undoing and then reconstruction.

Yet most of us become insulted, hurt or violent if anyone dare question the worth of the junk and burdens which fill our minds, hearts and attics.

We slaughter entire populations over ideas, values and psychoterritoriality which we did not consciously choose. We have automatically accepted our selves and values without even knowing we have, nor do most have the ability to question the nature and purpose of our thoughts and behavior. We have, like monkeys, blindly imitated the authorities of youth.

Our egos are often so weak and vulnerable that we tend to create conflict over ourselves wherever we go, and whomever we are with. Our sense of pride, possession and territory, propel us into action of which we are often ashamed, for we occasionally realize that we have acted more like a crazed monkey than the real human we have the potential to be. The mass of humanity is so unconscious of this that we tacitly and even worse — openly — accept our monkey-like behavior as a necessary standard of life. The truth is we are constantly being programmed by parents, friends, ads, authors, radios, movies, TV, teachers and politicians. Finally these programs become so much a part of us, that we begin to question our every thought and action in terms of these programs.

Much of it has been subliminal — so subtle, so continuous, so normal, so common, that you are not aware that some system either blindly or intentionally mis-uses you for their POWER needs; and has been cleverly persuading you to accept a given system of beliefs and values. So cleverly that your unconscious mind is gobbling up every suggestion, even the suggestion to question things — in a prescribed fashion of course:

— without ever your True Conscious Self suspecting what was going on. And these beliefs which have been programmed into your computer without your awareness are now - YOU — operating in certain predictable fashions to certain stimuli — again without your being aware of the fact that you are REACTING instead of simply ACTING of your own free will. (Of course I'm not talking about you. To learn more about how this works for everyone else read Steven Heller's Monsters and Magical Sticks — There's No Such Thing as Hypnosis? especially Chapter IV, "Forget It.")

But now time is running out. If we are to survive—individually or globally, each of us has an awesome responsibility to awaken from our robot-like sleep and become aware of what is going on. Never before in the history of mankind has the human race been capable of destroying itself and yet at the same time having the potential for total freedom and "god-ship".

The cosmic drama is being enacted within all of our lives in varying degrees; without exception everyone of us is being forced to look into the face of disaster — be it economic, emotional, or spiritual.

Disaster, unnecessary pain, death and dementia are probably not necessary particularly if we learn how to perform Magick (which simply means Brain Change Willed). Crowley defined magick as... "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with the Will." Eliphas Levi, the great 19th century occultist, believed that in order to reign over ourselves, we first must learn "how" to will. The invoking of these authorities is to help those unfamiliar with the true purpose and nature of magick to realize that there is no mumbo jumbo involved, but a science of self-change.

Many are blind and are unaware of what they face; they look with unseeing eyes and blank faces.

Unfortunately, blindness and blankness of expression will not provide protection. In the days ahead there is no safety except that which can be obtained from Undoing Yourself and then Re-making Yourself.

The body must be free from the Robotic Mind and allowed to express itself freed from all snares. And finally the Mind must become a SLAVE of the True Will.

Only in the service of the Will is there perfect freedom. Man has always been proud of his vaunted Free Will. In reality, Free Will as it is publicly referred to is a fallacy. The average person's concept of free will is license to worship one's conditioned neurons.

The famous Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, provides a more accurate definition:

"Freedom of will is the ability to do gladly that which I must do."


In the new age man will be faced with gigantic challenges presented by his ever expanding conscious brain and its extended technology.

In the end the only God a conscious person can admire is the God of Will.


The two factors we have to be most concerned with are Consciousness and Tension. As you become more astute in achieving deep relaxation, you will realize that you can have complete control of your life through the ability to reprogram your mind. However, to accomplish this you must first learn to reduce all un—necessary tension and stress.

It is safe (and most of us do play it that way) to say that the majority of our problems arise from the lack of consciousness of our programming and the belief that we are more or less helpless in changing our condition. The problem we now face is that of becoming conscious of our programming, and developing the willingness to change those things which our robot holds so dear.

Existence itself (up to now) is dependent upon the conflict between two opposing forces. Psychological studies have proven that tension is produced by happy experiences as well as depressing ones. Tension is a fact of life — and not necessarily an unfortunate fact either. Stresses and strains are not only an integral part of life, but they often appear as life itself. But to bring about the change in consciousness necessary to achieve self programming, we must use some powerful techniques to reduce tension. A still mind is needed for re-programming. This is a result of Meditation, though this may not have been the intent of the meditator. Keep in mind your goal, together with the reasons for it: to free the body from the snares of the Mind, and to make the Mind a Slave to the Unconditioned Will.

Meditation is as old as time itself, but the needs of each new generation differ from those of the — preceding one ~ requiring a re-definition of purpose and the re-formulation of technique.

Energized Meditation is such an adaptation developed by combining Eastern and Western information. Over 20 years have been spent in practice and research to develop a method which would benefit those who seek the goal of "Brain Change Willed."

EM is a sensory-tonic (muscular) technique which takes into account the fact that tension is thought, and thought is tension. Every thought has its neuro-sensate-muscular equivalent. Conversely every tension can be converted into a thought. Every twitch and sensation conveys a thought or a meaning.


In my travels, I often encounter people who somehow have gotten the wild idea that I am the Head of the Illuminati (actually, I am at most a toe-nail) and who want me to explain the Secrets of High Magick to them. (Although it is hard to restrain my sense of humor at such times, I usually resist the temptation to tell them they can achieve Total Illumination by singing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" in pig Latin while standing on their heads.) The questions I am asked most often, by those who can ask something more specific than "What is The Secret?" are almost always about Crowley's doctrine of the True Will. People tell me, most earnestly, that they have read ten or twenty or more of Crowley's books, and have read them many times, and still do not understand what "True Will" means.

As Gurdjieff would say, "What does this question signify? It signifies that these people are walking in their sleep and only dreaming they are awake. That is what this question signifies." There is only one possible reason why people can read Crowley at length and not understand what True Will means. That reason seems incredible at first sight, but it is the only reason that can explain this astounding scotoma. The reason many readers of Crowley do not understand True Will is that these earnest students have never performed any of the exercizes that Crowley provides for those who sincerely want to de-robotize themselves and experience what is meant by True Will.

Shortly after my manual of de-mechanization exercizes, Prometheus Rising, was published, I was at a Cosmic Con with, among others, E.J. Gold of the Fake Sufi School. He told me that nobody would do any of the exercizes in my book, but I would still get lots of letters from people saying the book had "liberated" them. Since I sometimes think Sufis and even Fake Sufis are perhaps overly skeptical about humanity in its present evolutionary stage, I have made a point of asking people, when they praise that book in my presence, how many of the exercizes they've done.

Most people look faintly abashed and admit they have only done a "few" of the exercizes (which probably means they haven't done any). However, some people claim to have done all or most of the exercizes, and these people generally look so delighted about the matter that I tend to believe them. I therefore conclude that the Sufi and Gurdjieff traditions are wrong in saying that 999 out of 1000 will never work on the techniques of liberation. Actually, it appears to be only around 987 out of 1000 who prefer to talk about the work rather than doing it. At least 13 out of every 1000 will actually do the exercizes.

I have decided that one of the reasons that most readers of selfliberation books never even make the effort to liberate themselves is that reading the books is actually a kind of superstitious "magick ritual," which they think will have an effect with no other effort on their parts. The same sort of superstition leads others to think that peeking at the answers in the back of the book of logical puzzles is as beneficial as solving the puzzles for themselves; and there is even a text out now with the answers to Zen koans, as if the answers, and not the process of arriving at them, were the meaning of Zen.

Aside from such "symbolic magick" (as distinguished from real magick ritual, which is a type of Brain Change experiment), the main reason people prefer to read neurological exercizes rather than doing the exercizes is the dread and sheer horror which the word "work" invokes in most people. Some great teachers, especially Gurdjieff and Crowley, have literally frightened away thousands of would-be students by insisting on the necessity of HARD WORK (as I also frightened a lot of readers by using those words several times in this essay.)

Of course, there is a quite legitimate reason why the word "work" has such horrible conditioned associations for most people in the modern world. That reason is that most "work" in this age is stupid, monotonous, brain-rotting, irritating, usually pointless and basically consists of the agonizing process of being slowly bored to death over a period of about 40 to 45 years of drudgery; Marx was quite right in calling it "wage slavery." Most people know this, but are afraid to admit it, because to dislike "work" is regarded as a symptom of Communism or some other dreadful mental illness.

I recently heard a politician admit on BBC that the reason English workers are so notoriously "lazy" is that their jobs are so unspeakably sub-human and dull. "If I had to do that kind of work, I would call in sick as often as possible and goof off at every chance," he said flatly. Alas, I had tuned in late and never did catch this chap's name, which is a terrible misfortune for me, since I suspect he is the only Honest Politician in the world.

It is this universal but repressed hatred of "work" that causes almost everybody to despise and persecute the unemployed. Almost everybody envies the folks of the dole (on Welfare, as you say in The States) because almost everybody secretly wishes they could escape their own jobs and live without working.

It has taken me decades to understand this, because I am part of that very fortunate minority who work at jobs we actually enjoy. (It is hard to make me stop working, as my wife will assure you.) The minority who actually loves its work seems to be made up chiefly of the writers, dancers, actors and other artists, most scientists above the technician-troll level, computer freaks, and the righteous dopedealers of California. Everybody else wishes they had the courage to go on the dole, but is ashamed of the stigma attached to being a non-worker, and resolves the tension by being as nasty as possible to the unemployed on every possible occasion.


You must give up the thing most precious to you.
You must give up the thing which you love so dearly,
the thing that you hold on to
- you must give it up -
- you must give it up. -

There can be no half-way measures in "finding"
It is not hiding anywhere.
It is HERE and NOW.

You must see that you are frightened,
that something is at STAKE all the time —
even in your dreams — something is at stake,

Everything which shocks you,
disrupts you, disturbs you can be your friend.
Everything which allows you to sleep,
to be complacent
hinders you.

To become in Accordance with your
you must be in Discordance with yourself.


Anything which delays your end feeds you.

You digest this diet overabundant with FAT.
You are insatiable,
and require constant FAT to keep you going.
You use more energy and power maintaining
of your insatiable dream than Living.
You will even STRUT to death's window.

But to Know the DEATHLESS ONE —
you — the strutter — must die.
You must go on a diet — then
Starve to DEATH.

You must stop finding yourself in misery,
in cranial pride,
— and historic stupidity.

You must stop strutting around like a
fattened COW.

You must stop bowing down to your mistakes.
You must stop your idol worshipping.
You must surrender your misery.

You must stop acting surprised when
something happens to you
FOR — it is the same old thing.
You must stop reacting to things
as you always HAVE.

You must stop proving your story.
You must stop extending the past
into the present and future.

You must stop defending your stupidity,

You must stop defending


You even forsake your health to feed this Monster.
He drinks your blood,
this friend of yours.
You will sacrifice anything and everything to feed him.

Everyone and everything is food for you.
How people treat you (good-bad) is food for you.
You are so weak yet He is so strong.
Why do you prefer the insatiable one to HIM?

You oppose — you conform — all is food for you.
You agree — you disagree — all is food for you.
You render opinions on this and that,
and spout authorities to back you up
— all is food for you.
You are surrounded by friends or alone —
all is food for you.
You are naked or adorned —
all is food for you.


You strut around
proud of the misery
you have caused yourself.
You will do anything to preserve the misery
You will fight,
you will sneer,
you will accuse,
you will blame,
you will steal,
you will hide,
— all to preserve fear!

Nothing can satiate
millions can not
fame can not
love can not
power can not
friends can not


victories feed you
your failures feed you
Your past feeds you
your ideas feed you

If your friends allow you to be complacent,
accept or like you that is food for you.
If they hate you, that is food for you.


Does death not even inspire your appetite?
Do you know death?
Or do you just have snapshots of it?
You act like you are immune from it,
that it just happens all around you
— but not to you.
Not even your own death can shudder you
move you from your — feeding frenzy.


Misery is food,
and you can find plenty of that.
You are never at a loss for that.

You never learn
because MISERY is food
You repeat the same mistake,
the same mistake,
the same misery
over and over.

Worst of all
you do it with pride.
with your sneer of superiority,
with a sense of uniqueness,
with a sense of choice,
or with a sense of helplessness.

Yet, it is the same mistake,
the same misery.

You do not even dare find a NEW MISTAKE

since that might wake you up from your

(Zen carries many kinds of sticks. For one cloaked in laughter read
Camden Benares' Zen Without Zen Masters.)


When you speak to others notice your Dead phrases, and your patterned stylized responses. They are indications that you are sound asleep. You have something at stake each time you repeat these habitual phrases and comments.

Find your patterned-machine like phrases which you use over and over again and hold so dearly. Count the number of times you use them in a three day period, and then:





Stay Awake
and each time you prepare to repeat
this DEAD TONE --------


Say Stop to yourself.
Each time this stammered crippled phrase
rears its Frightened head



Then if you truly know who and what you are,



By Christopher Hyatt

Christopher Hyatt, born Alan Ronald Miller, was an American occultist, author, and founder of the Extreme Individual Institute. He is best known as president of New Falcon Publications. Wikipedia

Born: 12 July 1943, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Died: 9 February 2008, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Cause of death: Cancer

Education: Los Angeles City Colle

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