The Sovereign accounts of the rich and powerful exposed

 IT programmers (aka white hat hackers) hired to stress-test the Financial Reset CSRQ-SM software have exposed the exclusionary class system being implemented within it. They do not agree with it, and they have blown the whistle.

New! Part 2 has been posted!

Over the course of many months, they searched different individuals within the software to learn about their classification and took screenshots of these results.

Below, Bill Sweet and Gideon discuss through Telegram what was discovered (please open the class system article and Gideon’s Q & A for further context; join our Telegram for discussion).

*The following exchanges occurred over the past year and have been edited for grammar, brevity and clarity. Funds amounts have been blurred to prevent triangulation of the time when the photos were taken.

*Article updated with more information and edited on July 17, 2022

Bill: What did the whistle blowers notice about the class system when they first started working on the software?

Gideon: “It was obvious right away there was a multi-tiered system. Most of the world would be placed in the Common category, with a small percentage placed in the Restricted or Quarantined categories. These categories greatly restrict freedom and capital, require vaccination, and they’re closely tied a social credit score.

The Sovereign category is completely different. There’s no vaccination requirement at all, no asset limits, no bank account limits. There’s only about 7 to 8 Million of these accounts for the entire human population of the world.”

Bill: So your men are able to look up these accounts and see who is who in terms of class?

Gideon: “Yes, it’s part of their job. They can pull up any person on Earth and most of the time find them easily. They became distressed when they realized so many politicians, celebrities and media figures were all Sovereign class. In fact, these were virtually the only people who were Sovereign class.”

Bill: This is top secret? I mean, no one is supposed to know about the Sovereign class?

Gideon: “That is correct. The other classes will be public information when this goes online, but the sovereign classes will not be disclosed.”

Bill: Did your men look up any Congresspeople?

Gideon: “No, they’re Europeans, so they looked up some European politicians. Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel were all class Sovereign.”

Bill: I have some names, you let me know if you have their status or any screenshots, will that work?

Gideon: “Sure.”

Bill: Ok, let’s start with the President, sorry, the United States President, Joe Biden.

Gideon: “We checked, he’s Sovereign. There’s no screenshot but I can try to get one.”

Bill: How about the California governor, Gavin Newsom? I think he wants to be President.

Gideon: “I did have them look him up and we got a screenshot. No surprise on his status.”

Bill: That’s what I would expect. How about Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis?

Gideon: “We looked them up and both were Sovereign. I didn’t get any screenshots but I can ask again if I can get some. What was odd was neither of them had transferred any funds.”

Bill: Interesting. Well, I guess I’m disappointed but not shocked they are Sovereigns.

Gideon: “We’ve gone over so many of these people, we’ve found one or two exceptions to the rule out of all the politicians and celebrities we’ve looked up. Almost all are Sovereign.”

Bill: They obviously care more about themselves than us, because they aren’t telling anyone about this. They know about it, don’t they? They would have to.

Gideon: “They do because of the in-flows. We see them putting real funds into these accounts. There’s no way it would happen without their knowledge. They know.”

Bill: But Trump and DeSantis had no account activity, no in-flows? They weren’t putting anything in? Maybe they don’t know.

Gideon: “It’s hard to say. They are among a few who didn’t have any in-flows.”

Bill: That’s only mildly encouraging. Assuming they don’t know, when they find out and they don’t tell the world, then we know they’re compromised. Right?

Gideon: “I think it’s safe to say that. They’re going to find out at some point if they don’t know, so yes. That’s definitely a test of their character, unless they say nothing and try to sabotage the system from within. It’s an unknowable at this point.”

Bill: There’s a list here of names I’m going to send you, pick out the ones you’ve looked up or you can look up.

*Gideon received the list and over the ensuing months, the white hat hackers looked up some of the names and took screenshots.

Gideon : “We’ll start with Glenn Beck, you were curious. He’s Sovereign. We saw a lot of in-flows into his account.”

We checked on Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager and Tucker Carlson, by most standards they would be considered mainstream conservatives who shouldn’t be Sovereigns or supportive of this reset. They are all Sovereign, all had in-flows.

Bill: Wow, I liked them. Not anymore. These are big names. Look at Tucker’s account! $500 Million, am I reading that right?

Gideon: “Yes, but it’s going to be a lot more. They’re going to end up with five times that by the time this is over. They’re moving all the money in pretty slowly. They get this amazing conversation rate for everything they put in. We still don’t know how this is going to work, to me it just looks like they are draining the planet of all its wealth and putting it into USDR.”

Bill: If we put this out to the public, what’s our exposure, our legal risk?

Gideon: “There might be some, but the public should know this. They should know the political commentators and journalists they trust are lying about how they are a protected class. Lying, or at least withholding information, about this software, about this financial reset, about what’s coming.”

Bill: What about the biometric ID, should we cover that up?

Gideon: “I feel like we would be protecting them if we did that, if that makes sense.”

Bill: I agree, why protect them? Who cares, let the world see their ID number.

Gideon: “I’m in agreement. It’s riskier for us, in terms of them escalating our case, but it’s the right thing to do. Let the world see it.”

Bill: What’s confusing to me is that these conservatives are not going to be in favour of this reset. How could they support this once it happens, after it happens? What are they going to be saying?

Gideon: “My guys have given me a lot of information about documentation they were required to read. This was the sort of introductory stuff you would get if you were first learning how to use, maybe, Windows, or any new major software. They’re going to give you a presentation, walk through, ‘This is what this does, this is why this does this.’ So they learned a lot from these presentations and the required reading that came with it.

Now, it wasn’t explicit. It doesn’t say, ‘We’re going to put the Quarantined in camps,’ nothing like that. It’s the kind of legalese you would expect, carefully worded. Something like, ‘The necessary discourse needed for plausible acceptance.’ From all that, they concluded guys like Tucker Carlson, conservatives, they are going to speak out against this. They will be against it. They will complain relentlessly about it. But, this is a big but, they will steer the conversation a certain way. They will ignore the plight of the Quarantined. They will lie and say they are Common, when they’re really Sovereign. They are essentially disinfo agents. They won’t be any kind of galvanizing threat to the system, they’ll just whine about it.”

Bill: Right, ok, makes sense. They’ll do what they’re doing now, then. Complain, but leave out certain things, give you some truth but not all of it. Meanwhile, they’re Sovereign class, protected, wealthy beyond belief!

Gideon: “They need to be exposed for what they are. Endlessly talking. Not really calling out the real players behind all this. Not really saving the Republic. Not taking any real risks that could get them hurt or deplaformed or cancelled. If they’re on TV and have a huge audience, you can bet they’re allowed to be there.”

Bill: What about Alex Jones, did you find out?

Gideon: “He’s Sovereign, but we didn’t see any in-flows. So they must have a need for him, otherwise he would be put in the Q class and his life would be, or will be, over.”

Bill: Then he’s either compromised now, or he will be later. Did you check Paul Joseph Watson? I’m curious about him, he’s really against the New World Order. He’s always bashing it.

Gideon: “He’s Sovereign. Here’s the screenshot.”

Bill: Unbelievable. How can he be Sovereign?

Gideon: “He must be leaving out key details. I don’t watch him, but he must be doing something they want.”

Bill: What about the Q Anon people? I mean the people promoting it? I don’t mean the followers. I’m assuming all the Q Anon followers are Restricted or Quarantined.

Gideon: “You’re correct on the followers. I haven’t checked on the leaders, except for Ron and Jim Watkins. It would be harder to get their names, most of them don’t use their full names. Do we know the person behind X22 Report?”

Bill: Well, he goes by Dave, let me see. [Google searches turn up nothing, other than an erroneous link to a David Booth.] The media linked Dave to the wrong Dave, there’s nothing on him.

Gideon: “Then we’ll have to dig deeper on him. We need a last name and probably more, a birth date.”

Bill: I want to know if the Q promoters are Sovereigns. That would tell us a lot. That would lift the lid on everything. If they’re not, then we know we can trust them. If they are, then we know they’re full of shit.

Gideon: “Agreed.”

Bill: So what about Ron and Jim Watkins?

Gideon: “Both are Common Class.”

Bill: Ok, that’s weird. Huge promoters of Q, but Common.

Gideon: “I looked into them a little bit on my own, and they don’t have a lot of political backing or money. They’re not rich from Q Anon, but we know other people are. We need to look at those other people.”

“The fact they’re Common means they’re not considered a threat at all, but they are not part of this cabal, either. They’re very low-level operators that don’t have any connections. That’s my conclusion.”

Bill: Do you think they are Q, or they started it?

Gideon: “I believe they took over an account that started it on the forum they ran, and they posted a lot under it. I don’t know if they do now. I think there are tons of agents involved with Q, or piggybacked or co-opted Q, who are running the show now. They’re not in charge of the narrative, in my opinion, at least not anymore.”

Bill: We have to follow-up on the Q people, check on more, don’t let me forget.

Gideon: “I won’t. I think it’s important, too.”

Bill: I asked about Bolsonaro. Did you check him?

Gideon: “Yes. He’s one of the rare exceptions. He’s listed at Restricted, and they put his vaccination status at plus 5 booster shots instead of the required 3.”

Bill: I’m happy to hear it. I really like him. We can trust him. What do you think they’ll do to him?

Gideon: “The collapse will happen and they’ll get rid of him. I know Brazil is a problem but not a big priority, either. Their number one focus is the United States by far, then Europe, then Canada, making sure they all come to heel and accept this.

The UK, Australia and New Zealand are no issue for them, because in fact they’re leading this. China is on board completely. The sub-Asian countries will all fall in line. Most of Africa will comply, but their infrastructure is such a mess it’s going to take a few years to get them sorted out. The Middle East is fully on board, Iran, Pakistan, completely on board. Israel will feign a bit a disagreement with it, but in reality, they are more on board than anyone. Eventually, the world government will be moved to Israel.

India was given a lot of promises, now they’re on board. They weren’t at first. Lots of pieces had to be moved around to get them on board, now they are. For all their nationalism, they didn’t care at all about the people, all they cared about was that their particular caste system was going to stay in place and their wealthy citizens were going to be Sovereigns. It turns out a lot were going to get moved to Common and they were furious about it. It was sorted out.”

Bill: Ok, we have to check on Putin, did you get him?

Gideon: “No. They’ve searched, some names come up, they’re convinced none of those names are him. So we don’t know right now. It could be he’s cloaked, hidden, or just under a completely different name or false name, or maybe his real name? I think Putin just isn’t his real name, or the one connected to his biometric ID.”

Bill: I bet it’s not his real name! The one we know him by.

Gideon: “That’s my guess. Because so far, they never had an issue accessing anyone. So the name just being wrong would make sense. We just don’t know his real name.”

Bill: Do your guys run into issues with names?

Gideon: “Well, the software is very deep. So you search a name, find the best match, line up the basics, like a birth date and go from there. If it’s not clear, they have sub systems and categories you can delve into and eventually you can pinpoint the right person. Very common names do present a bit of a challenge, so if Dave of X22Report is ‘Dave Smith’ it will take some work, but it should show who is posting under his social accounts if you look for those.”

Bill: What about Elon Musk?

Gideon: No screenshot, but he’s Sovereign.

Bill: Once again, not a surprise! They’re all Sovereign, aren’t they?

Gideon: “Almost all of them.”

Bill: They have this locked in, don’t they?

Gideon: “They do. It’s decades of planning.”

Bill: Can we stop it? Can prevent it now?

Gideon: “Not unless, I think, what we’re going to expose went extremely viral to the point we’re talking about 50 million views. It would have to be on all the social media, people seeing this software, seeing that it’s real. They have to see it’s real, Bill. It can’t be some article, some opinion, do you understand?”

Bill: Of course. The public is totally brain-dead. It has to be real for them to even penetrate the brain damage. My opinion, your opinion, videos of Klaus Schawb admitting this, it doesn’t move the needle! They don’t care, they don’t get it. But seeing a class system, in real life, in front of them, that could get them to wake up.

Gideon: “Yes it could. But then, the brainwashing is so deep, some will say, ‘Oh, free money, a fair system.’ They will like it, Bill. A lot will agree with this, even if we expose it.

What destroys it all, Bill, is the Sovereign status. That alone destroys it for them, the liberals will hate that, too, and that’s why it’s a very closely guarded secret and will remain one. That’s why what we are doing is so dangerous.”

Bill: I know. I very much know. We expose this Sovereign thing, that is what really gets us killed. The other classes, some people won’t like it, but if they’re all on the same playing field, they can wrap their heads around it. They can’t accept some special class, that’s lying to them, pretending to be something else.

Gideon: “That’s the only way I see we win. Otherwise, it’s plan B, it’s looking at how we can do something by changing ourselves to Sovereigns and on the other side of this, sabotaging the whole thing. Bill, if we’re not Sovereign, you realize it’s slavery?”

Bill: Yes. I’m scared to death for people. We already have not much power, this means we have zero power. Zero. No free speech, no money, nothing. Nothing.

Gideon: “If people knew how bad this is going to get, they would riot right now. They don’t know. Ten people know right now.”

Bill: I’ve asked you this so much you’re going to get annoyed with me, but we can’t switch all the Trump voters to Sovereign in one fell swoop can we? We can’t do maybe one thousand?

Gideon: “It’s by hand. It’s one edit, at a time. There is an option to select multiple accounts, up to 500,000 at a time, something like that, and perform a mass edit, but they refuse to risk that. It would be a red flag. It would trigger something. ‘Why was this huge edit made by this employee on this day at this time?’ sort of thing.”

So they can’t do that. But they can make edits, one by one, over a few days. They’ve done it probably thirty times now with no problem. They go in, delete all the social data and voting data, then copy data from a random Democrat, then spoof some of it, make a few changes, then switch the class to Sovereign. Now it’s set.”

Bill: Can they add USDR?

Gideon: “Yes, they can move it.”

Bill: No, I mean can they change that? Just create it?

Gideon: “There’s no function for that, to create it out of thin air. It seems there’s a reason they want to move capital, existing capital, and turn it into USDR. We think it plays into how they are collapsing the wealth of the world, like siphoning it away so the collapse actually happens. We also think it may have to do with some kind of need for accounting.

For example, let’s say some low-level media person at the New York Times is a Sovereign. Maybe they have a net worth, or liquid capital, of $50,000 USD. Now they move it into USDR. They get the nice conversion, but they’re not going to be at the level of a Billionaire. It seems like this is how they want this all done, so the Sovereigns are graded based on their existing wealth under the current system.

They’re not just assigning people wealth. They’re not saying, ‘Oh, ok, Ron DeSantis, here’s $1 Billion in USDR.’ No, Ron will have to slowly and carefully move his money into the account. He hasn’t yet. Maybe he will tomorrow. We don’t know. If he doesn’t, we don’t know the result of that. He will have privileges, but nothing in his account.

So I’m curious how that will play out. It could be a bargaining chip, ‘Ok, Ron, we did this reset, here’s your Sovereign account, but nothing is in it, you have zero USDR, so you need to play ball with the program, then we’ll get you shored up.’ If he says ‘No’, ok, he either has no money, or he’s going to get downgraded to Common or worse.”

Bill: It makes perfect sense to me. They have this game-planned for maximum control. They used AI, didn’t they? They’re using AI for our writing patterns, they’re doing it for everything.

[Part 2 of Bill’s Q & A article will discuss how advanced AI is already linking anonymous accounts to existing, real-world data and exposing the identity of those who are not Sovereign and have not had their data deleted.]

Gideon: “They are doing it with everything, Bill. It makes it really hard for us to stop them. It means they know every outcome. They know our behavioural tendencies. I’m not saying they can look past free will, but they can make really good guesses.”

I’m really worried about the writing AI, too. Right now it’s not very good. In a year, maybe two years, now it’s so good just about everything you write they can link it to your data. If you don’t get changed to Sovereign, after this reset, you won’t be able to write anonymously at all. If you don’t even know about this, you’ll get found out easily. This is where the extreme restriction to free speech comes in and renders the Internet useless for people trying to resist this.”

“They’ll know its you, with any bulk of a writing sample. The voice AI is also pretty good, too.”

Bill: The lower classes won’t even know this if we don’t inform them. They’ll think they can still be anonymous after this reset, they won’t be.

Gideon: “They will falsely think they can do anonymous communications. They won’t even think that their writing style or voice will expose them. They won’t make the adjustments to fool the AI, which don’t always work, either.”

Bill: That’s why getting your data deleted is so important.

Gideon: “Yes, it un-links you from your old data, because your old data is now gone. You can write and speak and be yourself without any worry.

Bill: Being Sovereign brings with it all of this freedom, but we still have to be smart about it. What’s the risk we get found out after the reset?

Gideon: “I give it about 5% or less. It will be very hard for them to figure out that you’re not supposed to be Sovereign. Your old data is gone. Your writing data is gone. Your social data is gone, or spoofed with that of a Democrat. Your voting data is gone, or spoofed with that of a Democrat.

My guys just copy the data of some liberal or Democrat, and make a few changes so it looks more unique, and poof, now the system likes you. They have a randomizer they use to change online handles and spin some of the writing samples, it looks unique to the software. It takes a few hours to complete all the changes. You now have a history of posting on Reddit, supporting Bernie, the system loves you. The system thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread and has no reason to question your status.

So, there’s almost no way for them to know. The only way is if you, as a Sovereign, start behaving in a way that gives off red flags after the reset. So we’ll have to be careful. The sabotage will have to be carried out in a discreet way.”

Bill: Right, right. The deleting of the data is the game-changer. I feel a lot safer and freer because of it. On the other side of this, we won’t be sitting on our hands. As Sovereigns, we can just wreck this whole thing.

Gideon: “We can if we’re careful and plan. Being Sovereign gives us a huge edge. They won’t know who we are. They won’t suspect anything. They’ll think we’re one of them. It’s very powerful what we will be able to do.

Based on what my guys can do, we can even place ourselves in better positions. There’s internal data they can change. So we can put ourselves right in the mix, politically. We can’t make ourselves heads of state, of course, but we can move up the ladder, by changing the data.

They don’t have redundancies for this, because my guys are vetted at the top level. Top clearances. They are not expecting sabotage from them, specifically. My guys know the system better than their supervisors, too, another wrinkle in all this. The supervisors do some basic monitoring but can’t see or have any clue about these changes being made.

It puts my guys in a key position to literally save the human race. That’s not an overstatement. That’s the reality of this and how important this is.”

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