(Photo courtesy Brooke Binkowski) (Photo courtesy Brooke Binkowski)

Snopes fires its managing editor

 — and she doesn't know why

First, Brooke Binkowski was burned out.

Then, she was told that she had been fired because of some unspecified complaints.

Finally, they said they were eliminating her position altogether.

So by the time that Snopes co-founder and CEO David Mikkelson called her last Monday to say she was fired, Binkowski didn’t know what to believe.

“I honestly have no idea,” the former Snopes managing editor told Poynter. “I was given no hints. I was never written up for anything.”

She had worked for the fact-checking organization for about three years. She joined in 2015 to lead the site’s editorial team, which works remotely and has about seven staffers. By the time she left, she said she was editing about 15 stories a day, looking over video transcripts and handling most media requests.

To not know why she was let go is offensive — although not too surprising, she said.

“To me, this is symptomatic of a much larger problem of transparency within the company. Nobody is forthcoming with information that dramatically affects editorial,” Binkowski said. “One of those things was me not knowing if I was in trouble.”

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By Daniel Funke

Daniel Funke covers fact-checking, online misinformation and fake news for the International Fact-Checking Network at The Poynter Institute.


(Source: poynter.org; July 31, 2018; http://tinyurl.com/yb7kqbcs)
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