Radio Out There Ep 873 - Duncan Roads Part 1

Interview with Duncan Roads from Nexus Magazine. Part 1 of a two part interview - Duncan Speaks Out.


By Barry Eaton

Barry Eaton has a wide background in all areas of the media and entertainment industries. He is a highly experienced radio and TV presenter, having spent many years with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and various commercial radio and TV stations. He lectured in radio journalism and production at Macleay College. Barry produces and hosts the internet radio program, now in its 17th year, which enjoys a worldwide audience. Barry is a qualified astrologer, psychic and medium and in 2012 did what he terms a postgraduate course in mediumship at the world-famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. He was also given the 2012 Hall of Fame Award by the Australian Psychics Association. His previous books include the international bestseller, Afterlife – Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death, No Goodbyes: Insights from the Heaven World, and The Joy of Living.

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