Plandemic + Plandemic II combined

 The Plandemic Documentary Series PART:1&2 COMBINED. COVID19 was a Planned Event.Here is the Proof.



First published at 03:15 UTC on March 8th, 2021.



    This is both 1 and 2 parts of the Plandemic Documentary combined.

    No more searching for each part.

    Everyone must watch and share before it is too late.
    Stop being controlled and fooled by the media.

    The science and the evidence is here. You are being manipulated.
    The world is being controlled by propaganda.
    You are living in the conspiracy theory. Break free and learn the truth.
    The clock is ticking.

    They are rolling out Agenda 21.
    They are rolling out the Great Reset.
    There is no coming back.
    Soon you will here them speak about everyone owning nothing - and they will be happy.

    This is all so close to being rolled out. They are using the fake pandemic to gain full control Fear equals control.

    Problem - action- solution.

    Fact checkers are pure propaganda to stop people from learning the truth. It's aim is to squash the average researchers ability to learn the truth. Once people see something created by fact checkers they don' research further to debunk the debunking. It is a brilliant plan and for 99% of people it works.

    You need to understand what is real and what is propaganda.
    All fact checkers are about manipulation. ALL - you will learn that here in this documentary.

    Wikipedia included, Google included, YouTube included, FB, IG, the government, all mainstream media, basically everyone in your world who is providing you with information is controlled. Censoring, manipulating and controlling what you believe. The World Health Organisation and the United Nations are also fully controlled by the same people. All information coming from these sources is total manipulation. Mind blowing when this is first realised, but it needs to be realised. And fast.

    Anyone who speaks out is instantly smashed with hundreds of fake articles and media to discredit them. Many of us have seen this happen in real time.
    When a scientist finally gets the courage to speak out publicly, within an hour there are hundreds is identical articles published by the minute on hundreds of website. They are given top priority in Google search ranking and sit at the top so when anyone who researches the persons name their articles display only. I personally have even seen in real time Wikipedia profile go from being very respected bios to ridiculed, called conspiracy theorist and anti vaxxers. Removing credentials and achievements. Seeing it happen makes the propaganda machine very clear. And so many fall for this propaganda. It is not their fault. But it needs to change and fast.

    You need to wake up. And once you have done so you need to wake those around you up.

    Sitting back and waiting to see what plays out will be a tragedy for the future generations.
    As adults we need to be responsible for our children futures, speaking up with the family, providing un-corrupt information and growing a backbone will mean this can be turned around. Staying quiet because you are scared will result in more tragedy than you can ever imagine.

    What will your children say about you when in the future they look back on how stupid you were and how lazy and weak you were?

    You need to be avoiding YT Google and the mainstream media for any information. No WHO and UN. Nothing.

    Find the tens of thousands of doctors and scientists who are putting information out there.

    Look on Bitchute in the search bar. Type keywords "doctor covid 19" "scientist covid 19" and you will get endless information that is not censored.

    Also search using keywords " The Great Reset" "New World Order" "Agenda 21"

    This is your time to grow some courage and make your children proud.

    Click the channel name title: "THE-GREAT-AWAKENING" to find more valuable content to share and learn from

    Also visit the World Freedom Alliance Organisation website:

    And the World Doctors Alliance: .


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