How can Australia get it so wrong?

 - Craig Kelly Interviews Dr Zelenko

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Explaining How Australia is focussed on Vaccines that have failing Efficacy and Zero Medium and Long Term Safety Data, Craig gives the Australian "Score Card" with Covid19 and it is embarrassing failure to embrace early treatments.

Dr Zelenko explains his Treatment protocol and results that should have
every Australian demanding answers and accountability for Australia
"GANG" that is enforcing vaccine mandates and blocking early
treatments for Covid19.

Notes for Australians:
Australian Doctors who know about the early treatments are intimidated by the policies of APHRA and the man to speak to about this is Chris Robinson.

He has been asked, point blank, if he will reassure Doctors that they will not be "investigated" by APHRA should they try to save their patients using
Ivermectin in a multidrug protocol using safe dosages and ⁣as per the single most downloaded Covid19 related peer reviewed paper:
“Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of
SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection”
leading to the US early treatment guide :

Thus far the answer received contains the menacing paragraph

“Provision of health advice which contradicts the best available
scientific evidence is not supported by National Boards and may be in breach of the codes of conduct and subject to investigation and possible regulatory action.”

This leaves Chris Robinson and APHRA to decide what the "best available scientific evidence" might be; its no longer up to the Doctors to determine the best course of action for their particular patient's presentation.

It has been pointed out to Chris Robinson that there is currently no
available scientific evidence that contradicts the Clinical prescription
path of a multidrug prophylaxis or early treatment protocol as per the
single most downloaded Covid19 related peer reviewed paper.

Let’s hope Chris Robinson of APHRA is not misguided into thinking best
available scientific evidence is Academic and "Sponsored" RCT’s on
Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine set up in rigid and simplistic trial scenarios bearing no correlation to the context of how those medications are used by Doctors following the peer reviewed early treatment guide

It is simply beyond Academia to design a RCT that accommodates the living variables that the Doctors deal with on a case by case basis with a Covid19 patient such as:

- When to apply the medication(s) and in what combinations

- What doses to use

- What other medications work together

Note any truly genuine RCT inquiry into Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin would take into account that they are both Zinc Ionophores and that Zinc plays a key role in disruption viral RNA replication of Corona viruses; that has been known for decades

- Adjustments according to patient risk stratification

- Adjustments to the protocol during the course of the treatments

- Different diagnostic tests used to aid in the management of medications

- The use of patient feedback to aid the management of ingredients

Even a 1st year med-student will know in the face f a Pandemic that RCTs are a ridiculous measure in comparison to Clinical outcomes from doctors SUCCESSFULLY treating Covid19

To the Australian Health Authorities Guided by Academics relying on RCTs and who we know REFUSE to speak with successful Covid19 Doctors:

Take your RCT's and shove them where they belong; let the Doctors guide
Australian's and step aside before more unnecessary death and suffering is inflicted on the Australian people.

The world Health Authorities that block their ears to the Successfull Covid19 Doctors can only hope the world population does not get to hear Doctors like Doctor Zelenko

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Every Australian Covid19 death since August2020 where this type of
protocol has not been recommended or, worse still, has been discouraged or obstructed needs to be investigated and potential criminal charges considered for those in the list below who actively participated in the obstruction of this life saving opportunity.

Here is a list of the Australian's many blame for the decline of
Australian values and freedoms and the decent into internal divisions
flamed by a social fabric being stretched to tearing point. It used to be
a joy to be Australian and to Live in Australia; now it is depressing
with lives and livelihoods turned upside down for a illness that appears
to have completely taken the place of the now zero cases influenza

Let's name them because one day they must all
be accountable for what is happening to Millions of Australians and what
will happen to Millions of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Australians

⁣⁣Prime Minister

Scott Morrison (Known by some as the no Jab no Pay buddy of the Murdoch's)

State Premiers

NSW Gladys Berejiklian

VIC Dan Andrews ⁣(Known by some as Chairman Dan)

QLD Annastacia Palaszczuk (Known by some as the Heartless one)

WA Mark McGowan

TAS Peter Gutwein

SA Steven Marshall

NT Michael Gunner

ACT Andrew Barr

Secretary of the Department of Health

Brendan Murphy (Monash Associate professor)

Federal Minister for Health

Greg Hunt

State Ministers for Health:

NSW Brad Hazzard (Known by some as Adolf Hazzard)

VIC Martin Foley (Put his name on the order that made HCQ a poison)
QLD Yvette D'Ath

WA Roger Cook

TAS Jeremy Rockliff

SA Stephen Wade

NT Natasha Fyles

ACT Rachel Stephen-Smith

Chief Health Officers

Federal Chief Medical Officer

Paul Kelly

State Health Officers
NSW Kerry Chant
VIC Brett Sutton
QLD Jeannette Young
WA Andrew Robertson
TAS Tony Lawler
SA Nicola Spurrier
NT Hugh Heggie
ACT Kerryn Coleman

Health Authorities:
TGA - John Skerritt - Has maintained a block on a critical early
treatment drug of an international peer reviewed early treatment guide

The TGA has also given provisional approval for the novel technology Covid19 vaccines and authorized advertising & rewards for the uptake of the vaccines. The TGA has also provided approval of these vaccines without medium or long term safety data for use on Children and Pregnant women.

The TGA is responsible for the withdrawal of medications from the market if they represent a Danger to the Public and this responsibility has yet to be exercised with these vaccines despite calls from world renowned experts to halt the Vaccines rollout like
- Expert medications safety evaluator Tess Lawrie in the UK,
- Leading Covid19 frontline doctor Peter McCullough,
- Inventor of mRNA technology Robert Malone,
- Former Vice President of Pfizer Mike Yeadon
- Vaccines expert Geert Vanden Bossche
- Vaccines expert Dolores Cahill and too many more to list.

National Covid19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce - Julian Elliott
- Essentially comprised of a Monash University team ; where Monash has been the recipient of handsome funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This taskforce is responsible for recommending against the use of wide spread used antivirals, by doctors around the globe; perhaps responsible for recommendations that have resulted in the deaths of Australians that might be living, but for the Taskforce’s negative recommendations.

And whispering in all their ears many might say the "somewhat compromised"
Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI)
Advisory Committee on Vaccines (ACV)
The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) Scientific Advisory Committee

Media also need to be held to account for their role in suppressing free speech and for presenting what looks to be "state run" media.

The Control of the Media on the Narrative may be the work of vested interests by the owners of the media or simply to maintain massive and lucrative advertising and information spreading campaigns of the Politicians using the Tax Payers Money.

Miss(ing)-Information Campaign

Those Miss(ing) the Information from Australian
Media; The State Run Australian Media

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There is an entirely different narrative that the collective Premiers, Prime Minister, Chief Health Officers and Health Ministers along with their CHOSEN advisers are desperately trying to keep from Australians.
Using what some may describe as a despicable display of Divisive policies of self-preservation they are clinging to a fear that cannot co-exist with the Miss(ing)-Information

This video scratches the surface of the Miss(ing)-information.

So much more can be found on
It appears NOTHING more that state run messages can be found on Channel 9, Seven, WIN ABC SBS 13, 3AW 2GB, Herald Sun, The Age, actually nearly ALL of them and they appear to all be on a gravy train of state revenue while they keep you from Miss(ing)-information.

How many who see this and it comes as a shock have heard of how the non-sterilizing experimental Covid19 vaccines are almost useless against the infection or spreading of the now dominant current Covid19 Delta strain.

How many know that the Delta Strain is around 99.6% prevalent in most highly vaccinated countries in the World. How many knew it was an entirely predictable event by vaccine experts:

How many of you now that unless this Government GANG are stopped it hasbeen said Australia is following in the worst possible path and is likely to be in a mess for "half a decade".

It has been said by experts that the absolute worst trajectory to take with Covid19 is to highly vaccinate with an elimination strategy and in the absense of Early Treatments.

"⁣strengthening of the population’s HI (Herd Immunity) should ultimately allow Australia to turn back to a normal life. But this could easily take half of a decade, especially in countries which have been combining heavy mass vaccination programs with stringent infection prevention measures."


In Israel for 9 weeks straight there has been an a sharply increasing number of Delta cases; infections effecting the vaccinated at a near equal rate PRO-RATA to what’s left of the unvaccinated population.

In the US Fauci has conceded that the viral load of a "breakthrough" case is the same as an unvaccinated infected person;
ie there is simply ZERO argument to restrict Vaccinated or Unvaccinated with any differentiation with respect to stopping the spread of Covid19.

From the significant UK Data , the Delta Variant now representing 99.6% of all cases has a case fatality rate of more than 4 times lower than that of the Alpha Strain.

From Early treatment protocols with antivirals that the Australian GANG as made great efforts to keep Australians from knowing about... think about it have you heard any interviews with Doctors using early treatment abroad on any mainstream media, have you heard how through APHRA and
the TGA Australian Doctors are muzzled from even discussing early treatments.

The Penny is dropping, the veil is lifting, the mainstream media are becoming irrelevant as a reliable source of news;
hopefully they will pay a heavy price for selling out Australians and
contributing to the death and misery born from the fear and Miss(ing)-Information that they have perpetuated.

Australians let your word of mouth over every phone call, every get together outside of a curfew and every social media that cannot
be censored help spread the real world news of what the Australian GANG are doing to preserve their positions of power and wealth.

Don't let the Australian GANG destroy the relationships you had with friends and with family with the idiotic notion that some-how you or your friends are not doing the "right thing".

The Australian GANG have made the most colossal series of arrogant mistakes in our history and have not consulted with a SINGLE
practicing Doctor that is easily risk stratifying and treating EARLY those that need treatment for Covid19.

The stories in this video would never see the light of day if not for an awakening and the dedication of people who need more
people to awaken and share the realisation that we can take away the fear and we do not have to drink the Australia Gang's cocktail of Miss(ing) Information.





(Source:; September 3, 2021;
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