Dr. Michael Burry predicts the downfall of America via hyperinflation


Dr. Michael Burry, a man shrouded in mystery following his sudden disappearance from Twitter in mid-March. Before deleting his profile Burry had been shouting warning after warning about the rampant speculation and excessive valuations in the financial markets. Most notably in Feb, he had stated that the stock market was quote “dancing on a knife's edge," and slammed stock-trading app Robinhood as a "dangerous casino”. But it was not until his dire warnings about upcoming hyperinflation, comparing the United States with the Weimar Republic that officials really began to grow concerned. According to various reports, Burry was visited by SEC officials who supposedly warned him about his Twitter behavior and how it could be influencing the markets. These last tweets before the profile was deleted are very very interesting and open a portal into the mind of a man well known to predict severe market downfalls. In today's video, we examine these horrifying tweets that suggest a rather uncomfortable truth about the future of America and its thriving economy.


(Source: youtube.com; April 27, 2021; https://youtu.be/VnaNFD2jLnw)
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